Fairy Tales – First Person Point of View


Fairy tales tend to be narrated so that audiences are told what happens to the main character.

The use of the third person point of view gives a narrative distance to avoid leaking
empathy every time something bad happens.

But Wait….. What if, you wrote the fairytale from the first person point of view? Yes, let’s do that. I look forward to your creative twists!

43 thoughts on “Fairy Tales – First Person Point of View

  1. These are all great fun! Does anyone know of any novels which are fairy-tale retellings written in first person?

  2. Pocahontas
    Father came home from the great battle; the brave warriors came home to their families with big joyous smiles on their faces. Everyone was so excited. He pulled me into the log cabin to talk to me.
    “Yes father?” I asked very curiously.
    “Koku-um has asked your hand in marriage,” He stated, “He will make a fine husband.”
    He gave me my mother’s necklace. The bright blue pendant hung from my neck.
    “You have your mother’s sprit,” he said proudly.
    I hop into my canoe with my animals friends and go down the river to visit Grandmother Willow; she is very wise and spiritual. I’ve been here many times before but on this particular day it was gorgeous. The sky was clear not a cloud in the sky. The sun was shining so brightly. Grandmother Willow’s vines hung low and swayed beautifully in the breeze. I find my way to the stump and began to call her name.
    “My, oh my is that my Pocahontas?” She said sounding very surprised.
    “Yes it is. Grandmother willow I’ve been experiences theses strange dreams with spinning arrows. What do they mean?”
    “Listen to your heart. It will show you the way” she said.
    I closed my eyes and listened. The spirits talked to me; they told me that to follow my dreams I need to go to the top of Grandmother Willow. I begin to climb, I feel the bark between my toes and it’s scratching the bottom of my feet. White fluffy clouds move towards the shore. It just doesn’t seem right. As fast as my feet could take me I ran to the shore and hid behind a bush. I peek from around the corner and see a giant canoe that reminded me of a house that floated on the water. White men piled out of the beast with shiny clothes and weapons that spit fire.
    The warriors were already camouflaged and behind the trees. We witnessed them digging up mounds of dirt as if they were searching for something. I began to follow one the men as they go exploring. I followed him to the waterfall to see what he is up to. He must have seen me in a reflection in the water because he turned abruptly and raised his weapon. A million things went through my mind. I was horrified at what was going to happen next. Running was my only option; my feet took me back to my canoe. He was close on my trail but by the time I got to the canoe he grabbed it and stopped me. He said he wouldn’t hurt me and I believed him.
    “What is your name?” he asked. I looked at him with an unsure look.
    “Right, I forgot you probably don’t speak English.”
    “Pocahontas, my name is Pocahontas,” I assured him.
    Shocked he told me his name. His name was John Smith, he told me what his village name was London and that he and his men were going to bring everything to the our village. I retorted that we don’t need that and we are living perfectly fine. I was so distracted I didn’t hear what he said but he said that we didn’t have manners. I lost it, I told him that we aren’t the ones trying to take others land and insulting their heritage. I showed him the basics of the land and where everything is. He goes back to where they have set up their own village. When I return home father approaches me worried.
    “Pocahontas, I was so worried about you. You must not ever see these pale faces. They are dangerous, I don’t want you to get hurt,” Father said after he told everyone to go home. “Your place is here in this village; do not keep running away like this. We do not know what they are capable of.”I head in for the night.
    While I was out picking corn with Nakoma, John Smith comes running through the bushes. He asks me to go with him. Nakoma said she would cover for me so I left with him. We went to go see Grandmother Willow to talk about the war that was going to happen. My people don’t have anything that the white men want but they think we are lying. Little did I know that while we were talking with Grandmother Willow, Nakoma went and told Koku-um that she thought I was in danger? We also didn’t know that John Smiths boss Radcliff sent one of John’s friends to see where he was always going off too. We were ready to leave to tell our people to stop the war; that my people didn’t have anything that they wanted. Before I could turn around to leave John pulled me in close and kissed me.
    Just as we kissed Koku-um go there are attacked John. He was going to kill him because he thought that he was evil. Thomas, the man Radcliff had sent, was aiming his weapon. Before they could finish fighting Thomas shot fire and killed Koku-um.
    “Thomas run! Just go!” John had said panicking.
    He ran, but in the mean time my people heard the thunder from the fire weapon and came running. They took john captive and carried Koku-um away. I return to the village afraid and angry.
    “Pocahontas, you disobeyed me and thanks to your foolishness Koku-um is dead. You bring shame upon me. I told you not to leave the sight of the village and that the pale faces were dangerous,” he said fiercely. I went back to my own cabin and stayed there until Nakoma came and got me.
    She apologized for telling Koku-um because she thought that I was in trouble. So we came up with a plan to go see John Smith. Because he was the only one there other than me, he was blamed for Koku-ums deaths. When the war starts tomorrow they will execute him before any other blood will be shed. So we go to the tipi to see him.
    “Pocahontas wants to see the man who killed Koku-um,” Nakoma announced.
    With that they had let me in but only for a short time. I talked to him and told him i would try to get him out of this. Because there was no way they could keep us apart. After only a few short moments the guards told me I had to leave. I went to see Grandmother Willow to see if she had any advice to give me.
    “Grandmother Willow there is nothing I can to but I love him and there’s nothing that can stop this,” I pleaded.
    She didn’t have anything to say. So I decided to listen to my heart again. It was pointing to where John and I were standing just a while ago. He left this hard white thing on the ground. The wind blew. The arrow on the inside started to spin. Grandmother Willow said that this was my sign and that there was still enough time to get there. I ran and ran but didn’t stop until I got there.
    I got there just in time because when I got there they had John tied up against a rock and they were going to hit his skull. I leap on top of him to protect him.
    “STOP!” I shouted, “I love him. Look at where the path of hatred has taken us. This isn’t like us to just jump to conclusions. Maybe they can help us in our own daily lives.”I questioned everyone. “Maybe the path of love and peace can show us a brighter future.”
    “Stop listening to her you fools she is just trying to protect them all because they don’t want to share all of their gold with us. They’ll kill us all I tell you. All of us.” Radcliff bellowed.
    He kept yelling at his men to shoot all of us but no one raised a finger. So he snatched a gun out of the nearest persons hand and raised it to my father. He shot. John Smith making jumped in front of the fire and saved my father. All of the pale faces tied Radcliff up and gagged him so they wouldn’t hear him talking. They couldn’t believe he had done such a horrible thing to one his own people.
    It was time for them to leave back to London. They were preparing the giant house for departure. John was put onto a bed where he could be taken anywhere on. We brought them some food and goodies to take back with them.
    “Please come back with me. I can keep you safe and the only reason I am leaving is because if I don’t get the proper attention for my wound I will die,” John whispered.
    “I must stay with my people, they need me here to help with the children and the harvest season but promise me you will back soon?” I demanded.
    “I promise,” he said.
    With that they crossed the big water again to go home.

  3. The Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Isaac
    Once upon time there was a Big Bad Isaac who loves to eat pork. I was insanely in love with bacon, anything that had pig in it. So one day I was taking a stroll, until I noticed a straw house made out of entirely straw, I walked closer to the straw house and there was a welcome mat on the ground, made out of straw too! So I investigated the house and walked around the unstable compound and took a peek and a saw a fat pig, relaxing watching TV. This feeling inside me was getting me excited; I wanted that pig so badly. So I got on my bike and went to a hardware store and purchased a leaf blower. An hour later I came to the pigs straw house and said “Little pig, little pig let me in?” the pig said “No, no, not on my chinny chin chin.”I had an enough and turned on the leaf blower, the straw house just blew away like it was a piece of paper. The pig ran away like a little baby to its brothers stick house. I walked to the pigs stick house and turned on the leaf blower, but the house was not going down so I threw the leaf blower away. So I was thinking what to do. And decided to go to the hardware store again to buy a chainsaw. I arrived at the stick house and yelled. “Little pigs, little pigs let me in?” “No, no not on my chinny chin chin!” they replied. It made me even angrier. So I started cutting away, both of the pigs started running away to their third brother’s brick house. I skipped to the brick house and started cutting but it was working! I got really mad, and broke the chainsaw into pieces. I walked back to the hardware to ask the store clerk if he had a bazooka, he graciously said “Yes!” The clerk gave it to me for free. I sprinted quickly to the brick house and said “Little pigs, little pigs let me in, this is your last chance!” They said No, Not on my chinny chin chin. I turn the switch on for the bazooka and fired away the building went into pieces, so did the pigs. On that day I had an amazing supper!

  4. Little Black Riding Hood

    One day me (little black riding hood) and my brother and law were at his house, we were making my troll face her favorite soup in the whole wide world. It was made out of 5 special ingredients, toe fungus, ear wax, bison intestines, and bird poop and crushed up cockroach. It took almost 5 hours to make and it had to be hot when my troll face ate it, or else she would be very angry and start eating people. So as the soup was nearly complete my brother in law told me to get my coat ready and my basket. So I did.

    He had just handed me the soup to transport it to my troll face, the bad thing was that my troll face had lived 20 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and which I had to walk too. As I was on my way I could sense that something was stalking me, like I was its prey, I started to worry and kind of rush through the trail. I was so worried that every two seconds id turn around to look behind me, as I did that I didn’t realize that there was a cliff up ahead. All of a sudden it felt like I was walking on a cloud, than bam the falling sensation I got as soon as I started descending. I could tell that I was about to hit the ground, than in amazement a huge slender dragon had picked me up and destroyed all of the creepers and ender men that was in the pathway. I was so close to being to my troll faces doorstep than boom! The slender dragon hit the ground from a skeletons arrow. As fast as I possibly could I ran, ran straight towards the house.

    I was so close to the house I could feel the warmth from the lava pit in my troll faces house, as I approached the house I started to slow down, mainly because of the wind and the cold air circulating through my body but I was also tired. I had just reached the steps when the creepers had gone back underground for rest; thank god they were gone, for now. I had just opened the door and set the soup on the table and walked into the living room when I see my troll face sitting behind the flipped table with an Rpg aiming at my face, than BOOM! I was finished.

  5. The three little pigs

    Once upon a time there lived three little pigs. They lived on a Russian farm. I think I will run away from the farm because the Russian farmer will kill us and then eat us. So, I am going to run away in three days. Three days later… Let’s go now brothers! Ten miles later, we arrived at our goal spot to live at. It is a good spot because my grandma lives over there so she can defend us. My littlest brother made a house out of moose antlers but the big bad bear pooped on and it fell down killing him. My grandma shot the big bad bear and made soup out of him. It was good, so good it tasted like pig. My other brother built a house of grass. The big bad wolf blew down his house and the little pig beat up the big bad wolf. About three days later, I build a house out of metal it was so big it was classified as a sky scraper and the big bad Godzilla came and smashed my big sky scraper it made me so mad. I went for a walk and I met two little pigs who had nowhere to go so I took them in. I found a bite mark on one of the pig’s legs I ask him. He said a zombie fox bit him so I walked outside and hundreds of zombies were standing there. I pulled out my mini gun and killed them like MW3 style. About three hours later of killing all of those zombies I was almost out of ammo, but I pretty much had killed all of them. All of a sudden a plane crashed in my back yard I fixed it up and flew a way and I lived happily ever after.

  6. The Three Little Pigs and the Amazingly Good Wolf
    My parents kicked me out of the house yesterday I slept on an abandoned couch I found in the bushes. My name is Tim and I am a wolf. My parents are very abusive to me I had white fur that went brown from living in the cellar for months only getting an apple a day. My bed was a pillow and a thin blanket on the floor when I lived in my parent’s house now I am building a small shelter until I can get myself a small apartment. I work at McDonald’s as a cook getting paid 5 dollars an hour. After one day after work I felt like going on a walk around the bushes exploring. While I was walking I had seen three little pigs building three little houses. One of the houses was being built out of McDonald’s drinking straws and another out of wires and the third house was being built out of bricks shaped like Big Macs. I yelled out “HEY DO YOU MIND IF I HELP OUT?” the three little pigs all ran up a tree. I walked up and said “I just want to help out I’ll pay the power if I can stay with one of you guys?” One of the pigs spoke the one building the Big Mac Brick Wall said “ You can stay with me” . While we where building the house I said “My name is Tim” And the pig that I was helping said “I’m Ted that over there building the wire house name is Jim and that other one is joh”. I replied “Nice to meet you all”. When we were done building the house I went to go get my stuff from my little ghetto shack. When I got back no one was home I seen a note that said this house is for you. After about a I went back to school and I Lived happily ever after.

  7. Hello. My name is Cinderella, but people like to call me Thunderella for my thunder thighs. Yes, I know it seems ridiculous, but I’ll tell you my story and maybe you will pity me.
    When I was young, my mom passed away due to her serious case of diabetes. She was once beautiful, but after she married my dad, her own parents passed away, and she began to eat out her sorrow. After she passed away, my dad got remarried to my evil present stepmother, who is selfish and lazy and also brought along her two daughters who are identical to her. I didn’t really care much about them, since I still had my loving dad right by my side. Not long after, my dad passed away too for some unknown reason that even the doctors could not figure it out. My step mother then took advantage of me and made me her personal slave. She and her idiotic daughters, Pam and Sam, forced me to do all of their hard work, while they would lie around all day obsessing over their looks in the mirror. I’ve gotten quite used to doing everything for them, but I’m still miserable, since there is nothing left for me to be happy about. I just hope I can get out of this place as soon as I can.
    So here I am, sewing Pam and Sam’s dresses for the annual ball at the Prince’s palace. I really want to go to the ball for once, and have a good time. I went downstairs to ask my step mother, although I knew what the answer would be.
    “Are you crazy? You want to go to THE Prince’s ball? Of course not! You’d embarrass all of us there,” said my stepmother.
    I don’t know why I even bothered asking, since the answer was pretty obvious. So on the night of the ball the next day, I watched the white carriage pull them away to go to the ball. There was nothing I wanted more, than to be on the carriage with them.
    Then all of a sudden, I saw a flash and then there was someone standing right in front of me. She had a blue dress and was one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen… If she is even human, that is. She had wings attached to her back and was carrying a stick.
    “Who are you?” I asked her. I had never seen her in my life and then BAM; she’s standing in the middle of my living room.
    “I’m your fairy godmother of course! You want to go to the ball, I see. I’ll make that wish come true!”
    By now, I was pretty sure she was crazy. I didn’t exactly know what to think so I was trying to process this in my head.
    She must’ve realized how confused I look and reassured me, “I can tell you don’t believe me, but it is true. I can take you to the dance!”
    I decided to believe her, even though I had a bad feeling about this. “But I have nothing to wear. Can you fix that?”
    “Of course I can!”, she said with a smile. She then started spinning her stick, which I’m guessing was her wand. “ABRACADABRA!” she yelled.
    The next thing I know, I saw another flash and I was wearing a little red, strapless dress. But I could feel something was terribly wrong. My legs looked just about the size of an elephant’s thighs. “What happened?”, I said. I was terrified. Something had gone wrong for sure.
    “Well I’m not too sure”, she said, looking worried. “This doesn’t usually happen. But I’m sure that I can fix it, so I’ll give it a try.” She spun her wand again but nothing changed. “Maybe today is just a bad day”, she started to say. “You can wear a long dress tonight and hopefully it will go away soon.” So then she zapped me into a stunning, white dress that covered my legs and went all the way down to my toes. She had some glass slippers that fit perfectly on my foot and were dazzling. “Don’t worry about it. Just get me a pumpkin and a few mice to get you to the ball.”
    I don’t know how a pumpkin and mice can get me to a ball, but I followed her orders. I went outside and picked up a pumpkin from our farming field, and brought some mice from the mouse trap we keep in the kitchen.
    My fairy godmother spun her wand again, and the pumpkin instantly turned into a carriage and the mice turned into horses. “The magic wears off at midnight, be here by then.”
    I was ready to have the time of my life…maybe. I tried to force myself to forget about my legs for now, and I hoped that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.
    When I arrived at the Prince’s palace, everyone stopped to look at me. I’ve got to say, my fairy godmother fixed me up pretty good. As I walked in, I could hear people whispering “Who is she? Where is she from?” Well then, no one knew who I was, so I guess I’ll have a really good time.
    The prince himself came up to me and asked me to dance with him. I was honored and so I did a little curtsey before. We danced together, so perfectly timed, as if we practiced years together. He was having a good time, and I was probably having an even better time. But the thing is, he didn’t know who I was. If he found out, he wouldn’t like me anymore. I tried to get my mind off it and time flew by. I looked up at the clock and it was 10 minutes before midnight. I told him I had to go and I just left him there.
    I didn’t want to be switched back right there, so I ran as fast as I could. I could hear him chasing after me, begging me to stop. I tried my best to resist going back and it worked. Right at midnight, I was back at home. I realized that I lost one of my slippers along the way but I had no time to worry about that. I was switched back, but my thighs were still humongous. The magic didn’t reverse that, and I had a feeling I was stuck like this for the rest of my life.
    My sisters came home, and explained to me how a mysterious girl that nobody knew came to the dance and just disappeared. The prince had announced that he found the slipper and was going to search every girl in the kingdom til he finds out who it was.
    He’s never going to love me again, I thought to myself. I went upstairs and went to bed, crying myself to sleep.
    The next morning, I woke up, looking horrible as ever. I had bags under my eyes and they were red from crying last night. I was in my usual rag like clothing that clearly showed my legs. I went downstairs to see the prince and his noble men. Oh no. They were here to find the girl from last night, A.K.A. me. My sisters were trying to fit their feet into the slipper as I walked down the stairs. The room became quiet and the prince slowly examined me. I was about to run back upstairs until his men stopped me.
    “I’m sorry ma’am but we need to check every girl in this kingdom to see if they fit the shoe that she left last night at the ball”, said one of the Prince’s men.
    This was it. The prince would find out it was me. I may have seemed quite perfect before, but now I was not. I’m pretty sure the prince had wished it would not be me.
    I tried on the shoe and it fit perfectly, well obviously because it was mine. Everyone gasped and stared at me. I could see the anger in my sister’s eyes and my step mother’s. But most of all, the prince was shocked.
    “It was you.” he said. He started to smile, and I was surprised. “You look a little bit different from last night, but I can tell it is you. I like you even better like this.”
    I was pretty sure he was lying but I decided to believe him. I followed him to his palace and everything after that was great. I lived a long, happy life, and the little problem with the magic and my thighs didn’t seem as big of a problem anymore. I just needed someone to accept me for who I was, and that’s exactly what I have now.
    As for my stepmom and my stepsisters, I didn’t seek any revenge on them. I was happy and I just wanted others to be happy too. Forgive and forget right? They’re living in the palace with me but they aren’t allowed to push people around anymore. And so, I guess we’re all living happily ever after and that’s perfectly fine with me.

    The End

  8. Sleeping Beauty (Sleepless Beauty)

    One beautiful sunny morning in the 15th century I was born in a palace in the hillside. My name is Rose; I got this name from the distinct mark on my left arm that looks like a rose. There is this evil witch that was not invited but she must have known that it was my celebration because she appeared with a flash of green fire and smoke and walked right towards me. She looked straight into my eyes, shooting daggers at me decided that she would do her part and give a gift, wait rephrase that more like a curse. You see I don’t sleep, the evil witch just had to curse me so that I couldn’t sleep, I have never slept in so long that I don’t even remember what it feels like to close my eyes for a rest. This gift doesn’t get better, I’ve heard rumors that on my 18th birthday I will be forced by myself to go sleep in a specific bed and never wake up. The fairies still got to make their gift so they gave me the gift that the curse could be broken if the witch was killed or someone else slept on the bed that day, and if that happens I will be able to sleep again. This worried my parents so after the party ended and that evil witch left I was sent away, wrapped in blankets and carried out by my guardians the fairies away to a little cabin deep in the forest.

    Today I am 17 and tomorrow is my birthday so the fairies have been rushing around the house all morning. I was instructed to pick berries while they got ready. I didn’t really have a choice since they basically pushed me out the door, locked all the doors and windows and closed the shutters. I had just walked a few steps when I heard CRASH!

    Shortly after I heard screams, shouts and then silence. I ran to the door and banged harshly while trying to peek through the small window. I could barely make out a figure that was tall and frail with a glowing bed like figure being carried into my room, but I couldn’t see the fairies. Starting to panic, I grabbed the spare key under the flowerpot and tried to unlock the door while shouting “I‘m coming!”

    I heard a moan and then a loud “NO!’ coming from inside. When I got the door unlocked the cabin was a total mess. There was ripped wrapping paper, torn cloth and cake ingredients spilled all over the floor. In the corner of my eye I just saw something vanish into thin air. “What happened here?” I exclaimed as I carefully stepped towards the fairies that looked dazed and confused.
    “T-the e-evil witch b-brought something.” stuttered one of the fairies as she pointed to my room. I glanced into the next room and saw a bed lightly glowing in the dark room. I was speechless as I got closer to the bed. Then hesitating thinking back of my curse when I was young. I backed away with my mind racing with thoughts and ideas. Finally I had the perfect plan and gathered the fairies to tell them my little plan.

    The next day I was so excited about how my plan was going to work, I had completely forgot that it was my birthday. “Happy Birthday Rose!” shouted the fairies. I was shocked to see the whole house decorated with ribbons and balloons from top to bottom. I saw neatly wrapped presents on the table and a beautiful little cake decorated nicely. My fairies were grinning from ear to ear waiting for my response as my eyes started to water.

    “Thank You!’ I cried to my fairies as they hugged me. As I dried away the tears I asked “Is the invitation sent?” “Yes sent and she should be here soon.” exclaimed the other fairy. At this point I got excited knowing that soon my plan would evolve into something that would change my life forever. The door knocked a few hours later. “That must be her!” I shouted as I looked out the window. “Yes it is she is here!” as I quickly smoothed out my hair and opened the door.

    “Hello.” The witch said in an icy tone.
    “Welcome, come in. “I said in a cheerful voice. I led her into the kitchen so she could sit down.
    “Would you like anything at all?” I asked. She shook her head as her eyes wandered to my room. As she looked back at me as a small smirk crept on her face.
    After some cookies I asked “You look a little tired would you like to rest in the bedroom?”
    She replied “Why sure but could I use this bedroom?” She pointed to the bedroom across from my bedroom.
    “Of course” I said as I led her into the room.
    What she didn’t know is that I knew that she had brought the bed for me to sleep on but me and the fairies changed the beds so the death bed would be in the room she would want to sleep in and the good bed was in my room. We switched the glow to the good bed so she wouldn’t know the difference. So basically my plan was to have her sleep on the death bed instead of me. I winked at the fairies as she lay down on the bed. When her head rested on the pillow the bed started glowing and her eyes widened. She tried to get up but it was too late. She started to fade away and I was relieved when her body vanished when she was gone. I ran out of the bedroom and shouted “It worked!” the fairies started shouting and danced around. I grabbed the fairies and ran out the door all the way to the palace to be reunited with my parents

    Once upon a time, I was a little gingerbread man I wanted a bro so I tried and the first bro was not good enough, but the second one was the bro for me so first we started by building a house in the candy store and a car, some TNT,and a street out of candy.
    I lived with my bro for seven months in the candy shop and then we left to go to the big city to live are lives as new people when we finally got to the big city I started building a house next to a person and then I got a job at A&W at my job I got paid$10.00 and I lived happy ever after .THE END

  10. Cinderella
    Once upon a century ago, a widowed man was left alone with his daughter. Several years later he re married and died six months after the wedding. His daughter was left alone with the nicest and prettiest woman alive. Her daughters were also very pretty. Cinderella grew up very cruel because she was jealous of her mothers and sisters beauty. Cinderella was not the best looking due to her lack of cleanliness and not caring. On the other hand her step sisters went out for beauty treatments once a week. Cinderella made her sisters do everything for her. She made them clean her room, make her meals buy and make her clothes and do her hair.
    “WAKKKE up” yelled the dreaded Cinderella.
    “Where’s my breakfast”?
    “Another day” said Persie and Ann.
    Ann and I slowly get out of bed and got dressed we ran down the stairs of our shiny mopped floors. Our mother had woke up at the crack of dawn to wash the floors. Me, being the clumsy one spilled Cinderella’s juice all over the floors. Ann stayed behind to clean up my mess so our mother would not find out.
    A year had passed for our family. It has been rough but mom, Ann and I made it work. Ann and I was out at the market and saw a glimpse of Cinderella walk in to the bakery and she came out with the bakers son. We have been following them all day when they stopped at the water fountain and he proposed. We ran back home just in time to get ready for bed. I could hardly sleep I was up all night thinking what would I wear what color would my dress be and much more. A scream rumbled through our house. It didn’t alarm me because I thought it was Cinderella but then I realized it was our mother. Ann was sitting up in her bed when I glanced over at her. We ran to were our mothers cry had come from. She was sitting on Cinderella’s bed when we finally found her. She was holding a note that read “I’m getting married so I will be leaving with Dan to where ever our travels bring us. I look around the bare empty room. A sign of relief dawns over my face. We will not be waking up anymore for Cinderella’s daily demands anymore.
    Several months has passed since Cinderella’s absence and it has been very quiet around here without her presence. I am getting married to the prince of this land. Ann I believe might get proposed to soon. Cinderella has wrote one letter saying she is sorry that she was mean and all she needed was some friends to tell her she is being bossy. That letter is now in a frame hung up on the wall as reminder how everything works out for a reason!

  11. The Three Little Pigs
    Once upon a time, there were three little pigs, Bob, Billy and me, Ben. When we had to leave home we had to build a house, Bob built his out of straw, Billy built his out of sticks and I built mine out of bricks. It took days to finally finish my brick house but once finished my house it was beautiful, my bed was so comfortable and if anyone tried to steal from me when I’m sleeping or not at home I made a top of the line security system. My brothers came to visit every once in a while and they always had a very nice comment about my cooking or how soft my couch is. I heard stories about a big bad wolf but he did not scare me. All of a sudden Bob came rushing through the door.
    “Lock the door there is a big bad wolf out there, he said he would huff and puff and blow my straw house down and that’s what he did” cried Bob.
    I told him he could live here with me if he wants to, I said it will be fun.
    “Thank you Ben you’re so nice to let me live with you” Bob said.
    Then Billy came and said the same thing happened to him and I told him he could live with me to. Then the big bad wolf came and said he would huff and puff and blow my house down, so he huffed and puffed and tried to blow my house down. Nothing happened so he tried again and nothing happened so he tried to go through the chimney, but luckily I had a pot of water boiling so I opened the lid and in he fell. I quickly put the lid back on and boiled him up for supper. The big bad wolf was no longer a problem.
    The end!

  12. Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wolf

    One ordinary day I was taking a walk with my 3 brothers. We were near the forest when we heard a wolf say ‘Come here, I need some sugar’ We knew it was a trap. We quickly made our way to the flattest area for miles and decided to build 3 houses. My first brother decided to build his house out of straw.my second brother decided to build his house out of large sticks and logs.i decided to build my house the strongest and made it out of dark red bricks.
    It had been almost a month since we heard the voice in the forest and we all kind of forgot about it. Just then we heard the voice on my brothers front porch
    “Can I have some sugar?”
    We were terrified. I looked out my window and saw the big red-nosed wolf standing at the front door of my brothers house.
    After about 5 minutes my brother still didn’t answer or move.
    I saw a small piece of straw fell on the wolfs nose, Then LOUDLY he sneezed “ACHOOOOOOO!!” After the dust cleared I could see the big grey wolf eating my brother. I couldn’t look.
    A few minutes later I heard a knock at my brothers door.
    “sugar, please” He said loudly.
    A small piece of bark fell from the log hanging over the front door and hit the wolf on the head and made dust come from it and then the wolf sneezed!
    His house collapsed right on top of him!
    I don’t think the wolf meant to do it but if I were a wolf and there was a dead pig I would probably eat it too, so there he went again and ate my second brother. I couldn’t look. After about 10 minutes the knock came to my door!! So I climbed up the inside of the chimney and stood on the roof. Then as loud as I could I yelled….
    “Free food”
    He came speeding up the side of the house. I stood and watched him standing there right in front of me, on my roof. I said
    “It’s down there”
    I pointed down the chimney. Without looking, he sped down the chimney and fell directly into my pot of boiling water.
    Later that night I had Wolf and bean soup…. And it was good.

    One day my two little coon hound friends and I go to the dog house to eat our food but Mrs. Cruz kick our food then we cry because where starving to death good thing Annie gave us another food when Mrs. Cruz leave then I woke up because its morning.

    I go outside with my owner for a walk while where walking I saw Mrs. Cruz with her Dog named Cha-cha my owner talk to Mrs. Cruz and say “hi there Mrs. Cruz your dog is beautiful” then Mrs. Cruz say “thank you Annie I know my dog is beautiful” then we go walk again until my owner Annie is tired then we go home Annie gave me some milk and some dog food to feed me coz I’m hungry suddenly Mrs. Cruz arrived in our house to visit Annie after an hour Mrs. Cruz leave at Annie’s house. “It’s midnight already “Annie say to me go take some sleep now” while I’m sleeping I heard some noises then somebody grab me then put me on the sack. When they put me out on the I saw Mrs. Cruz, Mrs. Cruz say to me “I going to call your owner Annie” Then she call Annie then Mrs. Cruz say to Annie “hi Annie I going to kill your little dog if you don’t give some money” then I bark until my 2 little coon hounds friends hear it then the bark to Annie say to Mrs. Cruz “okay I will give you some cash just free my dog lets meet at the river bank” Mrs. Cruz say “lets meet at the river bank at 12 midnight don’t bring some cops or I will kill your dogs” Annie say “okay” Annie call some cops to help her Annie say “officer can you help me?” the police officer say “what can I help you Annie” Annie say “Mrs. Cruz stole my dog then were going to meet at the river bank this 12 midnight” police officer say “okay we will help you” it’s already 12 midnight Annie and Mrs. Cruz met at the river bank Annie say “Mrs. Cruz free my dog here’s your cash” Mrs. Cruz say “give me the cash first” Annie gave it to Mrs. Cruz then the police arrived the police say “Freeze don’t move or we will shoot you” then Mrs. Cruz put her hands up put down the gun then he gave back the money to Annie. Then Mrs. Cruz is in the jail and Annie me and my two little coon hound friends live happily ever after

    One day me and my two bro dogs decided to move out of our mom`s house. When we told our mom; she said” you better watch out for the big bad cat.” The big bad cat loved to eat little dogs. Me and my bro dogs yelled” we will” and left to build a home.

    As we were walking along my youngest bro decided to build a home out of sticks. Me and my middle bro helped him build it and we were on way. My middle bro decided to build a house out of straw. We found some straw and I helped him build it. And on my way I went. As I down the road I came across a pile of brick. I build my house and I made it cozy and wondered about my bros. I decided to go check on them. My middle wasn`t home so I walked to my youngest bro house , they were both there happy as can be, that night when we were getting ready for bed a knock came at the door “ who is it ask youngest bro.” Me the cat and I want to come in. We all yelled “ not by the curls on our tails. The cat yelled “ I`ll huff and I`ll puff and I`ll blow your house down. So he did. We ran to my middle bros house made out of straw but the big bad cat follow us, he knocked at the door and yelled little dog ,little dogs. let me come in. we yelled not by curl on our tails , he the yelled I`ll huff and I`ll puff and I`ll blow your house down. So he did. We ran to My house made of bricks. When the cat got there. We ready there inside the house. He knocked at the door and little dogs little doges , let me come in. We yelled not by curls on your tails. The big cat yelled then I`ll huff and I`ll puff and I`ll blow your house down. So he huff and puff and he huff and he puff but couldn`t blow the house down. He ended up passed out outside my house because he couldn`t breath and we never seen him again and we me and my bro dogs lived happily ever after.

  15. My Little Blue Riding Hood.
    Once upon a time, I was walking down a sturdy road. My mother walked out the door. “Be back in an hour Robin! Oh, here is your Blue cap!” Mother yelled out to me. I grabbed my hood and left out the door. I had a basket full of steak (grandmother’s favorite). I saw a coyote so I started running.
    When I got to my grandmother’s house, I opened her house door. “Grandmother?” I yelled into the empty room. “Over here honey!!” she yelled back in a deep voice. I walked in. “Grandmother! What big ears you have.” I said. “Oh it helps me hear danger better if there around.” She said in her deep voice. “What a big mouth you have.” I said a little louder. “Yeah, to eat you with!” She yelled. She took off her hood, IT WAS THE WOLF!! I screamed loudly and grabbed the pot of boiling water on the counter and threw it on the coyote. He screamed and ran off. I opened the closet door to see grandmother tied up in there. We went outside and had some of my mom’s steak. I stayed for the night. I fell asleep peace fully with my blue cap still on.
    The end

  16. The 3 Big Porkys
    “Hey,” said the wolf, “I really want you to be nice to me. I’m really sensitive.”
    My brothers were both hiding in my spare room closet. I couldn’t really believe they were scared of a crying wolf. I’m Bob, the oldest of the Porkys’ family. I do pretty much everything for my brothers. Their names are Jimbob and Stacy. Our parents were expecting Stacy to be a girl. Anyway, I remember the “Big Bad Wolf” like I met him 3 days ago. I actually met him 2 days ago. I have severe memory loss. Okay, back to the story. There was this wolf that everyone was scared of. His name is Rex. Weird name. Rex was wandering through the neighborhood where my brothers and I lived, and he was really thirsty from chasing a rabbit all the way to his hole. He knocked on every single door in the village. When he knocked on Jimbob’s door, it fell down. Jimbob thought he was going to eat him, so he ran right through Rex’s legs, and bolted down my chimney and lay down in my fireplace. Lucky for him I didn’t have a fire going because it was too cold outside. Rex just walked right in to Jimbob’s house and looked for some Gatorade. Jimbob only believes in Powerade, so that’s all he had. Rex only likes Gatorade, so he went over and knocked on Stacy’s door. Stacy heard that the wolf was in the neighborhood, so he had his soft air gun locked and loaded. He opened the door, and fired! While the wolf was getting over the shock, Stacy did the moonwalk out his bedroom window, and broke into my house somehow. Stacy only drank Red Bull. Red Bull gives you wings, but Red Bull gives Rex Heartburn. Rex Crab walked to my brick house, and knocked on my door. Stacy and Jimbob ran into my spare room, and barely squeezed into my walk-in closet. Rex screamed at me. It really hurt my feelings, but I was feeling sort of nice, and I said, “Lucky for you, I have Gatorade, but lucky for you, I wouldn’t open the door, even if I had hair on my chinny chin chin!”
    In my head I thought that if he could break my door down, I would give two bottles of Gatorade. The wolf was now bawling of thirst. I had a change of heart, and i opened the door and hugged Rex. “Come on in, buddy,” I encouraged.
    Rex, not sobbing anymore, slowly came in and asked where my brothers were. I went to the closet and told my brothers the coast was clear, and pried them out of my spare room. When Rex saw Stacy, after being energized by the fruity drink, jumped up and gobbled down Stacy’s left arm. Too bad Stacy was let handed. I shooed Big Bad Wolf out of my house (he kept both Gatorade’s), and took Stacy to the dentist. We don’t have a real doctor in or village. Rex never bothered us again. It was only two days ago, and I think he’s probably in jail at the moment, but everything was back to normal, kind of.
    The End

  17. Zell and Attel

    Once upon a time there was a witch and she gave birth to two ugly kids or so she thought they were ugly because they didn’t look like her. Betty and her normal husband called there kids Zell and Attel. A couple of days later betty found out her normal husband was cheating on her for a human she also found out he was going to leave her today. So the witch left him first and with that she said “get your stuff and leave my house right know I’m going out for air know when I come back you better be gone with your stuff and the kids”. The witch started to leave and saw a pretty girl coming up to the house she was probable going to pick up Billy but when the pretty girl with blonde straight hair and blue eyes and a perfect body she screamed and ran away to her car and drove away. “Ha now you have no one Billy no one he he he”. Than the witch left on her broom.

    Billy was now in the witches house alone he grabbed all of his stuff and put it in his car than he went back to the house and put gas all around the house he then went to the kids in the crib and said “I’m sorry” with that said he went outside lit a match and left with the house burning and the kids inside. Later a woman had found the house burning and called for help the firefighters found the kids inside but badly hurt he said to Kate the woman that had called that “do you want these kids otherwise they will have to go to an orphanage because their parents are gone we can’t find them it says here they don’t even have parents so do you want to take them in” “um sure I’ll take them”

    9 years later Kate had changed our names to Hansel and Gretel and it was super and we never knew we were adopted until now. “Kids come sit down I have some news for you. “You are not my real kids I adopted you when you were just little baby’s you were in a house fire and no one could find you parents”. “So I took you in I’m sorry I should of told you earlier it’s just I needed to wait to the right time your mom is a witch and your father was a human that’s why you look normal”. I ran off to my room crying Hansel close behind.
    In the middle of the night I got my stuff and started to leave I was so determined to find my real mom. Hansel awoke and asked where I was going “I’m going to find my real mom she lied to us now I’m going are you coming” “ok I’ll come but let’s hurry”. Hansel and Gretel left and in the morning Kate saw they were gone and called the cops. Hansel and Gretel found there moms old house with a wine cell in the middle it was in the ground so it didn’t burn thy went inside all of a sudden the door closed and we felt ourselves lifting off the ground like an hour later we stopped and the door opened and I said lets run. We ran for our life only to find a witch standing right there.
    “Are you our mom” I asked “ depends what are your names” “I’m Gretel and this is Hansel but are names were changed probable” “ oh my long lost kids I’m so glad I finally found you please lets go get your things and come with me”. “How do we know you are our real mom” “I’m the only witch in these parts”. “I believe you hello mom we were looking for you we would of before but our step mom just told us yesterday”. “She just wanted you for herself but don’t worries you’re with me now we can live a happy life now let’s go”. And that is how we found the witch. The end


    bye ill be back later” so im in the woods all alone, and i see a big house at the end of the trail. “i wonder if anyone is home lets go see.” *twists doorknob* “ohh its unlocked.” so im in this huge house and look at that i see oatmeal. ” well im not going to let it get cold” so i go a head and eat the first bowl “EEWWWWW! this one is too dry.” so i try the second bowl “this is ok but not the greatest” so ill guess ill try the third one ” mmmmmmm this is the best oatmeal i ever had!” it was so good i ate all of it to myself. “ugh im really full i need to sit down ” hey looks theres chairs over there” so i decided to sit in the first chair “this one is to hard” so i try the second chair because the first chair wasnt that comfortible “this one is too soft” hopefully the third chair will be better then the last two “wow! i love this chair, ahhhhhhhh! uh oh i think i broke the chair.” *gasp* i hear someone ahhhhh! i need to hide, wheres a good place to hide? ” let’s go see whats upstairs? ” im getting really tired” i wonder if there is any beds up there? “oh look at that there is beds up here!” lets try the first bed ” ouch this bed is too hard it hurts my back!” let me try the second bed ” its ok but it’s not what i was looking for.” *jumps into bed three* “oh this is heaven!!!” * i fall asleep for abit* ” okay baby bear its time to go home now” said papa bear *the bears arrive home to the front door open* ” somebody ate my oatmeal!!” yelled mama bear. as i wake up i hear people coming up the stairs, ” somebody was sleeping in my bed!!” growled mam and papa bear. ” somebody is sleeping in my bed and they have the nerve to still be therte!!!!!” whined baby bear. *the three bears then eat goldylocks*


  19. Rapunzel
    One rainy day, when I was watching Titanic, I heard a voice outside my tower, where I was held captive ever since I was born. My mother was out buying junk food about half hour ago. The voice was manly and a little bit squeaky. I went outside my balcony to see what all the commotion was about.
    When I went outside, I seen a long, ripped up rope attached to a man’s head. Was that his hair? I was curious. The man was trying to climb my tower. He asked me a question. “Do you have a rope or ladder, love?” I said no because I didn’t. “Heads up” He said as he through up the rope attached to his head. I caught it and thought in my mind “This feels like horse hair.” He climbed up the rope and before he knew it, he was tied up by his own hair. I said furiously “Take me to see my parents or I will personally cut your hair off.” “No Way, my long, brown locks are not match for your small hands!” He said. I said “Please, I bet your hair is already breaking off because of your spilt ends.” He glared at me. “You know it’s true, and I don’t have a problem with split ends because of my pixie cut hair.” I said. “Well I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice, here comes the cuteness.” He said before he gave me a puppy dog face. “Quit wasting my time!” I said. After I pursued him into going he said yes.
    When we arrived half way, he told me his name. “My name is Flynn Rider Love, What’s yours?” “Rapunzel, but don’t get used to it.” We walked in silence all the way.

    There it was, the Castle. I was on my way to the Castle, when I seen big pictures of me everywhere. My parents hadn’t stopped looking for me. I was sad, knowing that they were looking for me the entire time I was gone and I didn’t do anything about it. The time has come. I would have seen them and hopefully, they would like me to stay. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I had no idea what their reactions would be.
    My mother had gone back to the house and seen me not there. She starts panicking. Why? Because she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know where I was. All mother could think have was going to the Castle, maybe if she goes to the castle, other people might help her find me. So she went hoping she might get some help.
    It was time to see my parents. My Fake-Mother had told my about them when I was 15, nearly 3 years ago. What was I going to say? What if they don’t like me? The doors slowly opened. The bright light shined in my eyes. My parents had ran over to hug me. I was tightly squeezed between the both of them. I could see a tear running down my dad’s face. As they let go of me, I inhaled deeply due to how hard they had hugged me. I said very shyly “Hi.” I was speechless. I actually got to meet my real parents. They started saying hi and asked who the guy was at the door smiling like an idiot. I laughed and said, “Flynn Rider, he is the one who brought me here.” They ran over and hugged him as well.

    I was scared when the doors flew open. There she was, Fake-Mother. I said “Hello Mother, or should I even call you that?” She glared at me and looked at my real mother, the Queen. “Your Highness, that’s my daughter sitting next to you.” She said innocently. “No, you stole her from me 18 years ago, and for that, you are sentenced for life in prison, Guards, take her away.” Before the guards could get to her, she jumped out the window and was never heard from or seen again.
    As for Flynn, he got a reward for bringing me back. Last I heard of him he was at the Bahamas probably on a Cruise. I was getting married to the Prince in a couple of months. My parents finally have someone to laugh and cry with. And for me? Life is sweet!

  20. The Three Little Pigs and the Big Fat Wolf
    I couldn’t be more overjoyed to finally be leaving home to hunt. Here I was finally grown up and leaving home to hunt for food. My parents tried to tell me that no Big Fat Wolf will be able to hunt but I didn’t listen. Suddenly right after I turned off our lawn I heard a big squeal. “Mr. Big Fat Wolf, Mr. Big Fat Wolf!” I turned to see every pig’s rival, the chicken. “I hear there are three pigs moving in just down the road from here.” I nodded to the chicken and continued on my way knowing that there are three full pigs just across the road from here. I looked over, not wanting to be seen, and noticed there was one home of straw, one of sticks and one of bricks. I went up to the straw house and said. “Little pig, little pig! If you don’t open this door I will huff and I will puff and I will roll your house down!”

    “Not by the hair on my chiny chin chin!”

    So I huffed and I puffed and I rolled his house down! The little pig quickly scurried off to the stick house and shut the door. “Little pig, little pig! If you don’t open this door I will huff and I will Puff and I will Jenga your house down!”

    “Not by the hair on my chiny chin chin!”

    And so I huffed and I puffed and I pulled a stick out! The whole house fell as the two pigs fled for the next house. “Little pig, little pig! Open this door or I will huff and I will puff and I will wreck your house down!”

    “Not by the hair on my chiny chin chin!”

    I knew I wouldn’t be able to knock the house down but I have a better Idea; I will go down the chimney. I climbed up the side of the house thankful that the pig didn’t clean his ladder up. Going feet first, I started my descent down the chimney. Halfway down I realized I wasn’t moving because I was stuck. I heard police sirens coming and knew that wasn’t good, and that’s when I swore to do two things; lose weight and get revenge on the three little pigs!

  21. Jake and the Plant
    It was a Thursday afternoon I was taking my cow to town to sell it for some money. But then an old man stopped me on the dirt trail trying to sell me these weird colored beans. So I took the beans home and showed my mother them and she wasn’t happy with me. She was like “Jake why did you sell a cow for beans”!
    The next morning I threw the beans on the ground but then a huge plant almost hit me in the face. The plant was so tall I couldn’t even see the top. So I started to climb the huge plant it took me a couple of hours to get to the top of it. It came to a huge garden but on the other side of the garden was a huge castle. I heard a loud “honk” it sounded like a goose. There was a crack in the door. I entered the huge castle I saw a dozen of golden eggs. Then I took one and ran away but then there were big thugs behind me. It was a giant and he was trying to eat me so I ran down the huge plant and grabbed an axe and started chopping.
    The giant fell and caused an earthquake the giant died and then happy ever after.

  22. The Three Little Pigs
    I left mama because I had become too old to stay. I was completely lost with no idea of what to do. So I stayed with my brother which was fine but kind of weird because his house was made of sticks. Eventually I got a note from the police that my other brother was murdered by a big bad wolf. So I knew what my house was going to be a BUNKER! I started to build the bunker but it took a long time to even get half of it done, just then I get o note from the police saying my brother that I stayed with was also murdered buy a big bad wolf. So I worked harder and faster than I ever had before. Until I finally finished after a week of excruciating work within two days the big bad wolf arrived. So I hopped in my tank and he knocked on the door. He said open up or I will blow this house down and he huffed and he puffed for a really long time he wouldn’t quit. I drove the tank out the garage I shot him with the tank and blasted him to mars.

  23. Rapunzel
    One day Rapunzel was sitting out on her front lawn and there was an elderly lady walking by with a walking cane. The last thing Rapunzel remembered was that old lady slamming her walking cane down on the ground and Rapunzel was locked up in a tower. She lived there for many years all alone. Rapunzel would often see hunters in the woods. But one quite day Rapunzel was combing out her short hair and she spotted a very handsome guy with super long hair.
    She yelled down to him “please get me out of this tower if ben locked up in her as long as I could remember”.
    He replied “Of course I will help you”.
    So he did what any other guy with long hair would do he tied the end of his hair in a knot and threw it up to Rapunzel. Rapunzel caught it and tied it to the door knob. The guy climbed the edge of the tower he got half way up and fell right on his butt.
    Then he tries again and made through the window. Rapunzel started to cry and said “You’re up here now how do we get down”.
    He said that he would knock your door down. So he started to run at the door and he went to check it. But the door flew open and the guy fell down seven flights of stairs. Then that elderly lady stormed into Rapunzel’s room. Then that guy ran up seven flights of stairs and took Rapunzel’s hand but that elderly lady went and slapped him across the face. The guy told that elderly lady if she didn’t let Rapunzel come with him there would be trouble. That old lady put up a fight like you’d never imagine kicking, punching and slapping. The guy had no choice but to fight back. He got her in a head lock and threw her on the bed. He yelled at Rapunzel telling her to run down the stairs. Rapunzel did as she was told and ran down seven flights of stairs. The guy got up and ran down the stairs. Rapunzel ran into his arms and they both lived happily ever after.

  24. Hansel and Gretel

    Hi im am Gretel I have one brother a father and a wicked stepmother. Our family was very poor and mine and Hansel’s father is a wood cutter witch he makes very little money. One night Hansel said he overheard mother talking to papa saying “we barley have any money to feed ourselves along with your children. I have an idea tomorrow night take the children far away from here and make sure they can’t find their way back here!” The night day papa was sad and had a heavy heart he knew that if she didn’t do what his wife said she would leave him.it was around midnight when papa woke me and my brother up, he said that he wanted to go camping with just me and Hansel. I grabbed some rotten berries from our cupboards I was nervous for what Hansel had told me but I trusted our father but just in case I made a tail of the sick berries. I didn’t quite like my brother see he was very lazy and mean all so rude at that he always got me in trouble with our new stepmother. We had been walking awhile when papa finally said we will stay here well him and my brother set up a fire I went to go collect some wood. I didn’t realize I fell asleep until it started raining for a moment there I thought I had wet myself. I searched around for any sign of my papa but he wasn’t anywhere to be found, Hansel must have heard me crying because he shot up off the ground like a rocket. I totally forgot about the trail I had left the other night and told my brother to follow me and that we were going home. Where is it, it’s gone completely gone! I looked up and notice the rain had stopped and there was this fat old squirrel up in a tree. “HEY HE’S THE ONE WHO TOOK THE BERRIES!?!” My heart felt heavy as I sank to the ground all I wanted was to go home and see my father and mother. Oh did I mention our real mother died when we were just young ones, I’d do anything to see her just one last time. Hansel put his hand on my back and whispered in my ear saying “we must not sob for we have to find another place to live”. I figured I had nothing to lose so I picked myself up and began following my brother.it seemed like we had been walking for every when we reached a house made of completely of candy, any kind of candy you could think of was there. I had so many doubts about that house but Hansel on the other hand just ate the door made of ginger bread down. I walking in right after him there was a witch in a black old baggy dress with a big ugly nose with a huge mole on it. “Hello children eat as much as you want whenever you want but you must stay for dinner.” Hansel must not of had a brain because he ate and ate until her was as round as an oversized hippo. I told Hansel I was leaving this old witches place to find another house but the witch must have heard for she locked to windows and doors and locked me and Hansel up in cages. The old lady had come up to Hansel and grabbed him from the cage and threw him in the fire it didn’t really bother me for I didn’t like my brother. I don’t know how I unlocked my cage but I did as the witch was bending over the fire place I pushed and locked her in. I redecorated the old witches place and moved in and called my own. The end

  25. My Cinderella Story
    By Emily Eagles
    On Monday, my name was plain Ella. Now, a week later, my husband’s nickname for me is Cinderella, because of that wretched tale. Sure, I live in what you modern people call the fairy-tale age, but seriously, my name’s Ella. I’ve always hated when people compare my story to Cinderella’s, so here’s MY version.
    Once upon a time, I was a maid. My oldest sister, Drew, was getting married tomorrow, and I was her personal butler for the night. Oh, and of course my other sister, the youngest, Jasmine, wasn’t helping at all. Jazz is a total vegetarian, and our family has to spend thousands to keep her mouth happy all the time. She only wears purple, from her socks to her headband… such a brat. I was cleaning Drew’s hands and feet, painting finger and toe nails, slathering moisturizing cream all over her arms and legs and face. Feeding her olives, salty cheese and grapes. While the facials on Drew’s face set, they hardened to what looked like bricks, making Jasmine and I giggle. She looked like an alien.
    Later that evening, I sent out the invitations to all of the guests coming to the wedding. Drew was fantasizing about James, her fiancé, while I and Jazz had a dinner of fruit salad and tofu sauce on it. After dinner, we went out to see our grandmother. Her name is Zelda, but she is the nicest person you will ever meet. She has smile crinkles around her eyes, and she always had cookies for us. Tonight we went to Zelda’s house to pick up our dresses, for tomorrow, and we all did a fashion show for her. Playing dress-up, we looked like 3 beauties. We all ate cookies and the smile crinkles were driven deeper into our grandma’s skin. Drew looked stunning, in her mermaid style dress, and Zelda even put on her mothball eaten silk green fancy dress. Jasmine and I put on our violet satin bridesmaids dresses, and beautiful we were.
    Drew was the prettiest girl I had ever seen, on her wedding. Huge blue eyes framed with thick black lashes, and bright red, luscious lips that shimmered and sparkled. High cheekbones, lightly blushed, with only a few freckles. James was very handsome, with a single red rose pinned into his lapel, identical to the miniature ones pinned into Drew’s elaborate curled hair style. Their ceremony was gorgeous, held under a white silk canopy embroidered with tiny flowers.
    At the after party, I danced the night away, with a boy named Alex. He had cinnamon coloured hair, olive skin and warm amber eyes. My Prince Charming. We danced until out feet bled, and we flung our shoes out one of the windows. Walking out around the garden, the flowers in the moonlight looked unbelievable. Alex and I laughed for what seemed like forever. When it was time to go, I couldn’t find my shoes. I had bought new ones, my first ever pair of ballroom dancing ones, so it was a disappointment. Alex promised to hunt them down, and in the morning, he would have them at my doorstep.
    The next morning, a knock at the door came with no owner, only a letter. Here is what the letter said:
    Dear Ella,
    I have found your shoes, and I must say looked amazing in them while I was with you. If you love me, go to your garden, where I have a surprise for you
    I guess I don’t need to tell you what happened next. We got married within a week, and Alex IS my Prince Charming.
    The End

  26. The 3 Little Pigs And The Big Fat Wolf
    Last week my mom kicked me and my 2 little brothers out. I was smart unlike my little brothers. I bought a house of bricks. My youngest brother built his house out of mud. Then big fat wolf came and ran in to it with his car. He saw my brother a said “yum bacon.” And eat him.
    My second youngest brother built his house out of straw. The big fat wolf was walking by and he sneezed and it was so big it blew it over. He saw my brother and said your to skinny to eat so get fat. Then my brother came to my house.
    My brother and I were watching TV. And some one knocked on the door and said in hungry I want pork. My brother ran and hid under my bed. I locked the doors and windows the wolf tried braking in but he couldn’t. It was getting annoying so I called animal control and they came and took him away.

  27. The Three Little Pigs

    One ugly rainy day while getting ready to build their houses, little pig John, older pig Bobby, and oldest pig Riley were grabbing their supplies Big Poppa Wolf was wolf was lurching around he saw the little pigs. He whispered to himself “I’m having good raw meat tonight” then saw their supplies “must be building houses” Big Poppa wolf said John was building his house out of play-doh than half a mile away he saw Bobby was making his house out of logs. Then Bobby saw riley was making his house out of thick cement. Then Big Poppa Wolf came along then knocked on little pig’s door then said “little pig little pig let me in” then little pig said “not on the hairs on my chiney chin chin”. Then Big Poppa Wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. Then little pig went screaming down the road and went to bobby’s house. Then big poppa wolf came along then said “little pigs little pigs let me in”
    “Not on the hair on our chiney chin chins” then Big Poppa wolf took in a load of breath then blew the house down. Then John and Bobby ran to older pig’s house then they boarded the door then they waited for the Big Bad Wolf then he said “little pigs little pigs let me in”
    “Not on the hairs on our chiney chin chins” then Big Poppa wolf he took in a gigantic load of air then he blew with all his might but he couldn’t blow the house in. then he ran back to his den then grabbed a ladder then ran back to little pig`s house the climbed on the ladder to the top then went through the chimney but he didn’t know that there was a pot with boiling hot water. Then when he jumped in he was screaming like a little girl then climbed back up the chimney then ran away and never bothered the little pigs again. THE END

  28. The Three Little Pigs
    Once upon time, there were three little pigs, and I was the 2nd one. I was getting my supplies for my house along with my brothers. We heard there was a wolf lurking around our part of the woods, so we wanted houses for ourselves. My youngest brother got hay to make his house, and my oldest brother got bricks, and I got sticks. We started to the area we wanted for our houses, then we started building our new homes. I started standing up my sticks against each other, and so did my little brother with his hay, I glared at my oldest brother because his idea of the bricks was very intelligent. That night, I finished my house, along with my brothers. I stood outside and admired my work, having no clue I would have a great, scary surprise the next day. I awoke to someone knocking rapidly on my door; I got up and opened it as I rubbed my sleepy eye. To my surprise, it was my little brother panting, as if he had ran all the way from Italy. What I saw shocked me, my little brothers house was all over the ground and it ruins. And what was coming put me in a state of shock. My brother was shaking, and had a blank, terrified look on his face. I quickly shut the door and looked out the window only to see the wolf outside my door with an evil, determined look in his eye. Then suddenly, with a booming voice he said, “Little pig, little pig, let me in!” I replied with a small, squeaky voice, “not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin” then he said “Or I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!” Then I heard a sudden heaving. I closed my eyes, scared of what might come next, I huddled closely to my brother, then with a loud “CRASH!” I opened my eyes slowly, only to see my home destroyed. I looked around in dismay when I felt a sudden tug on my shirt, and it was my little brother indicating to me we had to run. I ran side by side with my brother, all the way to my oldest brother’s house. We knocked repeatedly on his door; until it finally creaked open. We rushed in and quickly, I turned around and locked the door with a slight “click”. I told my brother our situation, and with a feared look in his eye, he tiptoed to the window and took a quick peek. The wolf stood there, his broad chest sticking out, a determined, angry look in his eye, he yelled loudly making me jump. He yelled, “Open this door or I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!” my brother replied with a slight crack in his voice, “Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chi-nnn”. With a cheeky grin, the wolf took a huge breath and began to blow at the house and it did not budge. With a surprised expression on our faces, the wolf could not blow my brother’s house down. He tried countless times with no success. My oldest brother stood proudly with a sparkle in his eye. The wolf shook his head with disapproval and a furious expression on his face and turned around and left. I and my brothers jumped for joy and we never saw the wolf again, and we lived happily ever after, the end.

  29. The 3 Little Pigs And The Big Fat Wolf
    Last week my mom kicked me and my 2 little brothers out. I was smart unlike my little brothers. I bought a house of bricks. My youngest brother built his house out of mud. Then big fat wolf came and ran in to it with his car. He saw my brother a said “yum bacon.” And eat him.
    My second youngest brother built his house out of straw. The big fat wolf was walking by and he sneezed and it was so big it blew it over. He saw my brother and said your to skinny to eat so get fat. Then my brother came to my house.
    My brother and I were watching TV. And some one knocked on the door and said in hungry I want pork. My brother ran and hid under my bed. I locked the doors and windows the wolf tried braking in but he couldn’t. It was getting annoying so I called animal control and they came and took him away.
    The End

  30. Little Red Riding Hood: My Side of the Story
    Alright, so everyone knows the story of the little red girl right? Did she say I ATE her? That I TRICKED her?! That I was a boy wolf? She was wrong. Everyone always thought she was sugar and spice everything nice. But when there were no adults around, she was horrible. She always bullied the animals smaller than her, she always stole candies and sweets from my sweet little puppy sister Amy and she acted crazy! So I am here to tell you my side of the story. One day I was walking by the outskirts of town (everyone mistook me for a monster) when I saw little red walking out of her house with a basket of goodies. I was absolute sure that it was for her poor old grandma. Everyone called her ‘Grandma Red’, poor old woman was dying of cancer in an old cottage at the end of fickle berry forest trails. So on the way my little red saw Amy with a cherry lollipop I knew she was going to steal it so just before she was going to take it I took one step toward her and distracted her so Amy could go home to mum. She challenged me to a race to her grandma’s house. I said I would take the long way so I did; I ended up running to the house and got there first. Now grandma red was really deaf and almost always forgot to turn on her hearing aid, plus she couldn’t see very well. I really wanted to be nice and be with her for what may be her last days on her earth. So I sat by her and talked. When little red came and knocked on the door I hollered to her `come in` when she came in she thought grandma red was me and was doing a little back and forth quiz or something. She would say something like `what big hands you have` and grandma would say something like `I got stung by a lot of bees today but they do help with hugs` `what big eyes you have` `it’s my glasses. I’ve got to get a new pair` and stuff like that when grandma said one wrong thing red screamed and headed for an axe. I ran out of hiding and scream NO!!! But she swung and killed grandma red I called 911 and told them what happened. By the time red tried to run away my blood was boiling. I jumped at her and almost bit her, then I saw fear in her eyes and let go. The police took little red; grandma went to the hospital and miraculously survived and my family and I moved away, running from hunters and trying to find a good place where my 20 siblings and I could get a good education. Still trying to find one but I know we will get there soon hopefully, for I have good Karma.
    The End

  31. Rapunzel
    It had been a decade since I last had a real conversation from my mother or so she called herself but I believed differently, perhaps an aunt for my mother couldn’t be a witch

    When I was young about five my ‘mother’ left me locked away in a castle saying the world isn’t safe for girls like you. Soon as I grew up to a bout fifteen when the story starts she sunk me in to the ground. “Hmm” I murmured as I looked over my work “well that’s enough for today” I sighed and flopped onto my bed. I was turning 16 and she still hadn’t showed up to let me out to live my life and kept me locked up in this ridiculous wine cellar as I called it for the rest of the castle was crumpled and I was stuck in the tallest towers bottom with no stairs or ladders. My only escape was my hair. My hair could hook onto the lantern spot at the top of the tower and back making a pulley system to bring me up. But still I couldn’t see light for the trap door was locked from the outside. So I felt trapped. My only relief was when my mother visited.

    Click click click I stopped mopping and listened to the strange sound on my roof. “Rapunzel Rapunzel let up your hair” Said a kind voice.

    “No” I replied “say please”.

    “Please” the voice said again.
    “Hmp” I went as I rubbed the brooch embedded in the end of my hair. Soon my hair started to lift and with a chk it hook in. pulling different strands I twisted it into basked and groaned as my mother’s added weight was added and I started the descent. Thump went my hair as it hit the ground, and like always my scalp was burning.

    Click went my mother’s shoes as I watched her climb out of my hair basket. “Hello mother” I said layered with sarcasm and bitterness.

    “I’ve got great news” my mother said, “I am removing you even further down.”

    “But”, I stumbled. Stopping as I heard a familiar creeping sound and felt the tower slip further into the ground. “Wee” I said as I felt a lightweight sensation, which was kind of fun. “Mom” I asked, “when can I go outside?”

    “Never” my mother snapped, “Good bye”. With a poof she was gone.

    “Can you”, I stuttered, but my mother was gone. “Thanks” I muttered as I struggled to get my hair down. My hands burned by the time my hair began to tumble downwards. With a comforting thump my hair surrounded me and I felt exhaustion take over. When I awoke my groggy eyes took in two oddities, a note and an apple basket. Against my better judgement I walked toward the note. Upon reaching the note, I began to read.
    “Dear Rapunzel, struck by your pleasantness I have decided to give you a chance to get out. I stopped reading and thought to myself.
    Joyed by the outcome I finished reading the note.
    In each of the apples there is an enchantment. One apple will provide you the ability to walk through walls for three hours. Another will give you the ability to fly twice. The rest will allow you to see through walls. Only one apple enchantment will provide you with freedom. Choose wisely and please return home. Love Mom.

    “Yes” I exclaimed, quickly picking up and apple and preparing to take my first bite. Wait I thought, what’s that? On a folded corner I could scarcely see something. Flipping the note over I began to read what she wrote. PS – one of the apples is poisonous. I dropped the apple only to find myself holding it again, thoughts racing through my head I managed to capture two – what if I am poisoned and why can’t it ever be easy? Gingerly I lifted an apple to my mouth and bit. As soon as I swallowed I felt a retching pain as if something in my chest was trying to break free. Hunching over I coughed and spitting dark crimson blood staining the floor. Oh no, I thought I have bit the poisonous apple. In uncontrollable pain I hit the floor. After a few minutes the pain subsided and I felt two large wings sprout from my back. Laughing joyously I realized it was the flying apple I had bitten. Running and beating my wings I felt myself take flight. As the feeling of weightlessness and cold wind hit my face I felt my troubles go away and I moved the trap door.
    “Hum”, I gasped as the bright light blinded me. Struggling to stay aloft I shut my eyes hoping to clear them of the bright light. I felt like going back, but this was my only chance to see the world. I wish I could see I thought, alas suddenly my eyes began to clear. What I saw scared me and how I wished I was still blinded. What I was hoping for was to see lush rolling hills and beautiful green forests, but all I saw before me was a wasteland. Directly in front of me was a forest full of skeletal trees bleeding red sap and the land littered with animal carcasses slowly rotting in the dying sun. To my right was a prairie full of yellow dirt and rolling hills of dark purple rocks and bright red lava flowing in veins through them. To my left was an ocean full of purple polluted water rotting fish popping to the surface and islands of trash. “Screaming” I stopped flapping and began a sudden decent. Unknown to me at that time was my mother hiding behind me laughing.
    My mother visited me many times and only spoke these words, “Rapunzel Rapunzel let up your hair.”

    Feeling odd about my discovery I began to dig a hole to go up again.
    Flop went my hair as I blew it out of my face. I tied my hair into a rope so I could find my way out of the tunnel. Also because I was getting huge split ends. I stared impatiently at the crumbling slab of rock between me and the world. Breathing in sharply I pushed the heavy slab out of the way. I felt myself blinded as the bright light once again penetrated my eyes. When the temporary blindness ended I looked out into the world. In front of me as far as the world could see all I could see an ocean of blooming coniferous trees, acorns gently falling down needle branches. I saw a sea of colour deciduous trees with fruits, blossoms and birds. Small critters fluttered on the mossy leaved ground hiding and playing in the under growth. Birds and leaves fluttered through the sky in flurries of chirping whirlwinds.

    Remembering the hills I looked to my right. The yellow ground was now a vivid green sprinkled with leaves and a spring winding through the hills. The hills were the same color as the field and both were full of rainbow flowers. The flowers filled the hills with bright colors and a popping sensation. The brightest colors I could see was bubble gum pink, baby blue, night time violet and sunshine gold. The brook was filled with crystal clear knee deep water and layered with small pebbles. I followed the swirling form that wound through the hills with my eyes unaware of where it would lead me. When it finally ended I found the ocean.

    With its crystal clear water and fish filled pools it looked like a mirage. As I starred I realized something, my mother had lied to me.

    When I reached my hole I took the sharpest scissors and comb I could find and I bravely chopped my hair off at the shoulder.

    I suddenly heard a poof and looked behind me. Still holding my hair behind my head I asked my mother to raise the tower.

    “Why of course” she purred and with a sudden poof she raised the tower to its full height. It was then in the swirling cloud hiding the room from view we climbed to the top and I confronted her.

    “You lied to me” I said.

    “What are you talking about” she said looking puzzled.

    “You know exactly what I am talking about. I went out to see the real world.” Angrily I started for her.

    “What are you doing” she asked?

    “What I should have done a long time ago” I replied, and with that I threw my hair out the window.
    “You cut your ha” she never finished for a scream took over as my hair brooch caught her leg and she tumbled down the tower. Quickly before it could fall I caught the magical stone and smiled, but was cut short by a second scream and a sickening crunch. Looking over I saw that her broom had pierced her heart but not stopped the fall. Rubbing my brooch I jumped of and after gently touching ground I walked away from my mother, the tower and the sunset still holding my brooch. If I had looked back I probably would have noticed that with my mother death the tower vines had bloomed and the stream encircling it to create a moat but I didn’t look back. And I never will.
    I smiled as I looked over my biography. Looking back at it I realized it was missing a vital piece, still smiling I wrote the two most important words. The End

  32. Snow White
    1st person point of view
    Heather Kniel
    One cloudy afternoon, I was taking a stroll down the forest path when all of a sudden, I got the feeling I was lost. I looked around, and I had no sense of where I was, so therefore lost in the woods. Well that is just great. My cruel stepmom is out to get me, she has gadgets to help her find me, and now I am lost in the woods too! I can just picture her now. Rubbing her bottle, a genie coming out, she asks who is the prettiest person in the kingdom is, genie says her name, and she is satisfied. She hates me to the moon and back, and wants to get rid of me too.
    So that’s how it is. Although, I am starting to think that, if I am lost, my stepmother might not know where I am! I am starting to get cold, and tired, and the clouds don’t look promising either. I walk a little farther, and as if reading my mind, a suitable sized tree house appears. It is high up in the trees, with a ladder leading up to it, and a porch too!! It is the only place present that I can find, so I take advantage of it and go inside. Next I even see a wooden bed frame with quilted sheets. There are actually seven of them when I count them all. I lay down and what was intended to be a short nap turns out to be a long night’s sleep.
    When I wake up, there is something very unusual. There are seven little Smurfs huddled around me. There are all different expressions on their faces. They each have name tags too. Happy, Grumpy, Klutzy, Mr. Oblivious, Sir Depression, Squirmy, and Giggly. Their names pretty much explain their personalities.
    Happy takes me to a long table, and seats me. The rest of them follow. We start talking. I tell them my story, and we come to an agreement. They let me live there if I cook, clean and do those types of chores. They will be gone some days for work. They are gem miners. Weeks passed, and I realized I had absolutely no desire to go back home even if I could find my way back. One night Grumpy decided he wouldn’t wash his hands when he came home, and was just about to eat supper. He kept trying to persuade me he didn’t need to wash his hands. I told him I would give him an extra piece of dessert if he washed up and he washed them so fast I couldn’t believe it. We ate supper, and dessert. I made sure Grumpy and everyone else got seconds for dessert. I cleaned up, and as I was just about to go look for more berries, Klutzy wobbled over to me to tell me there was a “family” meeting.
    It took quite a while to get everyone situated, but we did it. This is pretty much how the meeting went: Happy-“I need to tell you something Snow. We don’t want to do this but…” “Uh-Oh, do I have to leave my only home?” I thought. Happy continued “…..We have to go away on a work trip, and we will be gone about two weeks.” “What!!??” “We are really sorry, but we have to. We will be leaving tomorrow morning.” Without further ado, the meeting was declared over.
    Well, at least I get to keep my home. But last minutes’ notice much!!??!!?? I was really frustrated. When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t find anyone home, but only a note on the table. It read:
    Dear Snow,
    We are all really sorry about the meeting last night, and hope you accept our apologies and will forgive us. We really didn’t want to leave you all alone, but like we said last night, we want to keep our job. It wasn’t easy for us to get either. We will most likely see you in two weeks maximum, but not much earlier. Thanks again.
    The Seven Smurfs 
    I guess that is that.
    A week passed, uneventfully. I did the same things over and over each day-eat, sleep, dust, find food, and refill the water storage. It was incredibly lonely without anyone to hang out with.
    Even after counting the days that had slowly crept by, and the ones until they should be home, it seemed lonelier every day. Until the 13 day of the Smurfs being gone that is. I was relaxing, listening to the birds sing when there was the sound of one single person climbing up the ladder to the house. I tip-toed over to the window to see who/what was there. I tried not to make that much noise because I had promised not to let anyone know who lived there as much as possible. It appeared to be an elderly woman. It sort of surprised me how she could climb the vertical ladder, effortlessly seeming. Then just as I suspected, she knocked on the door. I stood still. From the corner of her eyes, it looked like the eyes of my stepmom’s “highest” servants. She found me peeking out the window. She did everything she could think of to try to get me to answer the door. I kept refusing to open it then she did something that surprised me. She showed me her lighter and said if I didn’t open up the door and buy an apple, she would burn down the whole forest. I took the apple, and looked it over. Next I sniffed to give it double approval. I took a bite and the last thing I heard was an evil cackling. Then complete and utter blackness.

    After what was apparently a couple of days, I awoke. Well, that’s what I thought. At first, I didn’t know if I was alive, or dead. I saw seven little Smurfs around me. Happy was blushing, and the rest were shouting and whooping, along with various other rejoiceful sounds. It did as a matter of fact seem too good to be true, but after one of them reached out their hand to help me up, I knew it was real. When I finally got up, I was a bit dizzy, but that cleared up soon enough.
    There were a few tears, but those were full of happiness.
    When we got home, I made us all some tea, and we sat down. I could tell that they were relieved I was alive. They told me what happened. The mating started like this: “I liked the cookies” Piped up Mr. Oblivious. I giggled, and so did the rest of the Smurfs. “Thanks” “So Snow, this is really how it went. We all got home. We were outside getting all of the supplies off of the wagon. Mr. Oblivious was the first one to go inside. He went straight to his room to put his stuff away. He obviously was completely to you lying on the floor. I was the second one to enter the house. But I actually saw you. I ran outside speechless. When I did regain speaking ability, I told the others what was wrong. We tried to wake you up for hours on end, and even called the doctor, but nobody could awake you. We had no other choice than to set up a burial. After we got you in the casket, we all stared at you, and how beautiful you looked. By the way it was a glass bubble top casket. Anyways then, Grumpy had an idea. This took us all by a bit of a surprise. Sorry Grumpy. He then told us that he would give you a kiss, and we all were bursting with laughter on the inside knowing that that obviously would not work. We got the Casket worker to open the casket and Grumpy leaned down, and gave you a kiss on the cheek. Then you woke up. You looked dazed and confused at first, but then you looked normal after we started celebrating. And, here we are now.” By now my eyes were filled with tears of happiness, for grumpy, of all people saving my life. I was so happy. “ Um, snow? We also found a note on the door. It said:
    Snow, I hope you had a good life. Now I am the prettiest person
    In the kingdom. Hope to never see you again!!
    You Know who.
    “None of us where completely sure who it was from, but we figured your step mom.” Said Happy. That definitely sounded like her. “Well, we all know that you are here now, so that the important part. Now who’s up for another cookie?” Or maybe even two!

  33. Cinderella
    Once upon a time I was woken up by my 2 birdie friends and the sunrise, shining into my room. I got dressed and headed down the stairs, to prepare some breakfast for my 2 stepsisters and step mother, Drizella, Anastasia and Lady Tremaine. My mice friends Gus and Jack came along with me. As I was almost done with breakfast, Lucifer saw Gus and jack and went after them making a big commotion. When I noticed Lucifer chasing the mice I hurried him outside. Suddenly bells started ringing and drizella, Anastasia and lady Tremaine were calling me to get there breakfast. When I delivered it to them they in return gave me there laundry and requested it done for tonight. There was a knock on the door; it was the king’s royal assistant. He handed me a letter and said all eligible maddens are to attend the ball. I went upstairs and told stepmother. Her and stepsisters begun to get ready as it was just in 7 hours. Stepmother said I could go too but only if I got all my chores done on time as she handed me a long list of things to be done. I went upstairs to my bedroom and started thinking of ideas for my dress; I picked the most perfect dress idea, but thought to myself “I won’t have time to make this with all my chores”. 6 hours later I had finished my last chore on the list and step mother and step sisters were just about to leave. So I headed up stairs sad because my dress wasn’t finished so I couldn’t go. When I got up stairs I saw that my mice friends had finished the dress for me. I was so happy, I put on the dress and ran down stairs and yelled wait. They looked at me in disgust and tore up my dress. I ran out crying and was resting on a bench, when suddenly my fairy god mother appeared and changed a pumpkin into a carriage and my ripped dress into a beautiful gown. She said the magic wears off at 12:00. I headed to the ball hoping to dance with the prince, and that’s just what I did. When the clock struck twelve I had nearly forgotten and ran down the stairs to go home as I was running my glass slipper fell off and he picked it up hoping to find me again. The next day he knocked on every girl’s door and made them try on the glass slipper. When he got to our house I tried it on, and happily I yelled out “it fits”. He took me back to the castle where we then got married and lived happily ever after. THE END

  34. Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

    One day I was skipping through the forest humming songs when I came up to this little cottage in the woods. I knocked on the door saying “hello is anybody home?” on my last knock the door opened a crack, I thought I will just peek my head in and see if anybody was home. When I saw three bowls of portage on the table I forgot what I was doing and ran inside to have a couple bites of portage. I tried the first big bowl and spit in on the ground, it was boiling hot, then I went to a medium sized bowl and tried it, again I spit it on the ground it was freezing cold, finally I tried the last small bowl of portage and it was just right, so I gobbled it all up. After all the portage tasting I was so tired I started yawning. I went upstairs and made myself at home. There were three beds one was large, one was medium, and one was small. I tested out the first large bed but it was uncomfortable because it was as hard as a rock, I got up and went to the medium sized bed and tested it out, it was also very uncomfortable because it was too soft and I sank right into it. Lastly I tested out the small bed and it wasn’t too hard and it wasn’t too soft, it was just right. I fell asleep for 2 hours before I woke up to find three bears staring at me, the baby bear said “why is someone sleeping in my bed?” It scared me so much that I immediately got up and ran all the way downstairs and out the door. I ran through the forest all the way to my house. Those bears scared me so much that I will never go into another empty house again.

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