18 Nov 2012

Six-Word Memoirs

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Mini-Memoirs: Your Life Story in Six Words

Ernest Hemingway once famously said that he could write an entire story in just six words – “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Sure your life story could fill a thousand pages—but sometimes a few words are all you need. - Diane Herbst


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41 Responses to “Six-Word Memoirs”

  1. cole.t Says:

    6 word memoir

    Be strong cause life goes on!

  2. cameron Says:

    The sky is not the limit.

  3. chackiee Says:

    life changed when i became brave

  4. Simrin Palak Says:

    Things don’t always work out right.

  5. Dorotka Says:

    Beginning and forever, end and finale.

  6. 4569# Says:

    got knocked down? Get back up :)

  7. shaun Says:

    Life will always throw you curveballs.

  8. 6969 Says:

    all i need is my friends

  9. ...... Says:

    stay strong cause life goes on!

  10. Dana Brandi Says:

    I Was once Awesome.. Still Am.

  11. Isaac Says:

    Don’t worry, life will get better!

  12. Jane Says:

    Smile more, life will get better

  13. Madalyn Says:

    The sea, my life, my home.

  14. Austin Says:

    Stay strong, defend others, be happy!

  15. Theresa Says:

    Live life like no one’s watching.

  16. Felicia Says:

    Found happieness, but I’m still searching…

  17. Megan Says:

    It’s the little things that count.

  18. Emily E Says:

    Your worst imperfections make you beautiful:)

  19. Emily E Says:

    I have fianally understood life


  20. faithw Says:

    Opening myself up to new challenges!!

  21. Julia Says:

    Think I’m ugly, deal with it!

  22. Austin Mackenzie Says:

    Love For Someone, Will Never Die.

  23. ben Says:

    work hard good things will happen

  24. lanes Says:

    If you try you will succceed!

  25. MarcM Says:

    never give up on your dreams

  26. ben Says:

    Work hard, good things will happen

  27. jaydonh Says:

    You don’t believe, you won’t succeed!

  28. Ty J. Says:

    Just wait, everything will work out.

  29. malcolm Says:

    Be patient, it will come soon.

  30. ...me Says:

    Music brings out the true me.

  31. Zandra H. Says:

    Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.

  32. lanec Says:

    Where all fails, you’re just bigger.

  33. Hannahc Says:

    When nothing goes right go left.

  34. Madison Says:

    Leapt into the unknown; worried afterwords

  35. zoey Says:

    Live in moments. Moments make history.

  36. Hannahc Says:

    Life changed when i became brave…

  37. naomi Says:

    My life story… where to start.

  38. Sidney Says:

    Life and Colours can be Dark

  39. Haemi A Says:

    Dance is the key to me!

  40. Heather K. Says:

    Dancing is my key to happiness!

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