Power of Words

Reading different blogs from other schools in different countries, I found this video. As we very well mentioned in our writing lessons that one of the main goals in writing is to create a picture in the reader’s mind, the way in which we say things and how we say them can cause a great impact on others. Please watch the video and leave a comment. What do you think?

Think of something very important to you. Using the POWER OF WORDS, express yourself.

46 thoughts on “Power of Words

  1. Words can change so much, even if you dont realize it. Just adding a simple expressive term or changing the wording can completley alter a persons perspective on what you say. For example, if I were to say “A tree in a field”, it would’nt mean much to anyone, but if I were to say, “The tall majestic tree stood alone in a golden field of wheat”, it says alot more.
    There are many things that are important to me, but the most important aspect of my life is my friends. I dont know where I would be today without them.

  2. Your comment is great Emily. I agree with what you say about what is really important to you.

  3. This video shows how just rearranging just a few words can make a huge change. The new sign made people feel bad for this man after they learned he couldn’t see all the beuatiful features of this great world. Many speeches have been made that have completely turned things around just by influencing people with the power of words. The man likely would not have gotten much more money just because of the way his sign was written. The new sign made them stop and think about how lucky they are just to be able to see the color of the sky or bright stars at night. Most people underestimate the power of words. Words are more powerful than any weapon you will find.

  4. I love how this video shows that multiple ways that students can say the same thing. We talk a lot about changing our words to create a better imagine in the reader’s mind. However, this is a powerful video to show that changing your words can really change the way the reader thinks about the story and the characters involved. By altering the readers thoughts, you are able to create a powerful story that will linger with the reader for a long time. Thank you for sharing a wonderful teaching tool, but also a reminder of how fortunate we truly are.

  5. In this video it showed how people were able to alter they’re point of view on this man. In the beginning of the video all that the sign was just very blunt and had little impact on people because it just seemed like another sign walking down the street. But when the lady switched the words up creating a sign that related to people because they could understand that his situation would be quite difficult.
    Something important to me is the people who I’m comfortable around and trust. Being with them and knowing I’m safe and everything’s perfectly fine is always great. Some people don’t have places to go just to relax and enjoy company of another. But I gratefully do, and I feel that it’s important.

  6. The video gave me a bunch of different feelings and thoughts.I do belive strongly that if you rearrange your words it can make your situation alot better. the feelings that this gave me was if i was him what would I want people to do. yesi did feel emotional cause that ios verry very sad.

  7. Yes, Madalyn! I so agree. Friends can come and many friends go, but family for many of us are some of the people that we
    know for sure will always be there for us. Some of us do truly have wonderful friends that we can count on in good times and bad.
    Of course, nothing in life is absolute when it comes to family or friends.

  8. I think this video shows how big a change of words can change your life. The blind man wasn’t getting very much money when his sign said “I’m blind, Please help.” Then afterwards when the lady came she changed the sign to say “It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it.” The man then got plenty of money because with that change of words people could think it really is a beautiful day and it sucks that he can’t see it. It makes people try and relate to how he is feeling. Bystanders would feel bad for the man because it makes people feel bad for him and want to help in which they give him money to help support himself. With the change of just a few words it could change your life drastically and make people change their perspective of everything.
    There are so many things that are important in my life. I think that the most important to me would be my family. My family is a huge portion of my life. With family you have to be able to; trust, love, forgive and forget, be friends, and also be able to stand each other through the rough times. Family is something that will never end and they will always have your back and never let you fall. My mom is the most important woman in my life she is my role model and inspiration. We have a relationship not many people have with their parents, I can trust her with my life. We fight all the time but we’re always there for each other at the end of the day, I love her so much. On the other hand my dad and brother are the most important men in my life. They are scary and mean sometimes but I know they love me no matter how stubborn or strict they are. My dad and brother aren’t necessarily an open book but you can still read their emotions like one. They will never let anyone hurt me if someone does hurt me my brother is always the first one to stand up for me. They are an inspiration to me because they are incredible with everything they do in life. I can’t imagine where I would be without family, I would be lost that’s for sure. With everything in life, family is hands down the most important thing to me.

  9. Power of words.

    The video was very touching. It was about a blind man that had a sign which read “I’m blind. Please help” A woman then passed by and changed the sign too “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.” After that he got more money than he did with the sign he had made. I find this very inspirational and nice considering what the woman did for him.
    There are many things that are important to me. Such as my family, friends and education. My family is important to me because they give me everything I need and are also always there for me. Same for my friends. If it wasn’t for my family, I wouldn’t have an education. If it wasn’t for my friends, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. I don’t know what I would do without everyone that’s in my life right now. If it wasn’t for that woman that helped the blind man, would he have that change to buy himself something to eat? Or something he was trying to get money for? He was grateful and it was important to him for that woman to help him and it’s important and I’m grateful for everyone that has helped me or been there for me all my life.

  10. Theresa;
    I agree with trust is quite important with anyone you meet, but some people dont turn out to be the person you think they are.

  11. In this video a woman changed the words on a homeless blind mans sign which gave a big impact on people who passed by and gave him money. What is important to me? well alot of things are important to me nowa days my family, my friends, my education, work, and alot more…if i didnt have those things I wouldnt be here. I wouldnt be me. and I am glad Im me 🙂

  12. I feel this video was deeply moving and it showed that you could make a difference in the world if you choose your words right and have a good and inspiring cause for the greater good. It also showed me that people will sometimes go out of their way to help other people not only disabled people but regular people to. It is astounding how words can change the way we think, feel, and relate to the situation at hand.
    The thing that is important to me is my family because if you have nothing you still have the love and care of your family that no amount of money and items can fulfill. If I lost my family than I don’t know what I would feel and think when the moment comes because it would be unexplainable and the worst moment of my life.

  13. The video was quite inspiring to the way words can always make a difference. The lady changed the words to make the sign more meaning full in the way that people will be able to relate to. When the signed said “Please Help Me I’m Blind” people see blind people all the time and it won’t make a difference because people don’t know what it’s like. When it was changed to “It’s A Beautiful Day Outside and I Can’t See It” people were able to relate because they can see what kind of say it is outside.
    My family is the most important to me. Ever since I was little my family was always around so it taught me the importance of it. When you’re little the people you know for the longest become the people you trust the most, they are usually always there for you. Family is one of the most important parts in life. You might have nobody but family is always going to be there.

  14. The way people word things are extremely important in making a difference. It could change our perspective of how you interpret the words you see. Like in the video, the sign stated that the man was blind and needed money. Not many people can relate to that, therefore might not see it as a big problem. But when the women changed the words to “It’s a beautiful day but I can’t see it”, people can think about what it’d be like to be in his shoes. It helped him greatly because then, people felt more sympathetic and were willing to give him their change.
    There are lots of things that are important to me today. Most of them are concrete things, or people, like my friends, my family, my dog, and etc. But some of the most important things in my life are things that you cannot literally see, like love, trust, courage, and lots of other things. Out of all these, I think that trust is one of the most important things in life. Being able to trust someone is like being able to have faith in someone to not betray you. It’s like being able to put your life in another person’s hands. You hope that they won’t let you down and it builds on your relationship. Whether it is friendship, family, or a relationship with someone, you have to be able to trust them to fully understand them. Without trust, we would have nothing to hope for out of someone that you meet. It is hard to gain someone’s full trust but it is extremely simple to lose someone’s so you should be aware of what you say or do. Having someone’s trust is something to be proud of, that you’ve earned it because you are loyal and honest.

  15. THE POWER OF WORDS! I thought this video was really inspiring. It shows that some people actually care about other people that are disabled and can’t do anything! And what she did with that sign was pretty awesome she changed it from “I can’t see please help” to “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it!” That is some good literature, words do mean a lot when you know how to pronounce and show it, it can help you when you’re in need and in the future. This man was really lucky that he had some other person caring about him like that and knew better English then him. Overall I really liked this story it made me feel really good! But I also saw this last year, it still brings a lot of astounding feelings! Something that is really important to me is my family because I love them so much that it hurts, I don’t know what I would do without them! I love money, but you also need to give out money to other people and not be stingy , give out and don’t be selfish, nothing can go wrong with that.

  16. The power of words can be helpful because on the movie nobody was caring they only the guy alittle bit of coins and when the woman changed the words on the board more people were giving him more money than he told the girl what did you do to my sign she said i only changed the words alittle and the guy was very happy after. i hope that the guy got what he needed and that girl is very nice and generous for doing something for him.

  17. The video sent out a really big message that the order of words can change every thing.

  18. Power of words
    This video shows how you can change the way people think with words. At first the sing said “I’m blind please help.” And he didn’t get much money. Then a lady walk by and saw his sign and change it to say “it a beautiful day and I cant see it.” And he got a lot of money.

  19. The power of words

    words mean a lot to people either rude or nice it will stay with the person you said it to. If people were kinder to each other than there would be less wars an violance going om today. all the lady did was change the mans sign and just like that people noticed.

  20. The power of words
    Something that is important to me is my family. They are always there for me when i’m down. I have no idea where I would be if I diden’t have my family. When i’m spending time with my family I feel happy. They aceppt me for who I am and they don’t judge me.

  21. The power of words

    The power of words has an impact on people because if someone says something nice or rude it will stick with the person they said it to. The nicer people are the more nice things will happen but if people say rude words the more rude things will happen.

  22. Power of Words
    I think words can change people when the words get to the point and actually say what they can’t do. Like the video when the guy is blind in the video then the women changes the sign to: It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it

  23. The power of words
    In the video a blind man sitting on the side of a walk way had a sign that said “I’m blind please help”. Two people gave him some coins. A woman walked by and changed the sign she walked away and after that almost everyone that walked by gave the man money. The woman came back and the man asked “what did you do to my sign”. The woman replied with “same thing different words, she wrote it’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.
    The statement the power of words is like using the exact same meaning just in a more powerful term. It’s like saying “I’m poor help me” but instead you can say “it’s freezing and I’m cold”. The words you say first aren’t always what it is. you can’t be aggressive and say give me everything now because I have a problem you have to say it in a more settle way like explain why you in need and put it in something where it doesn’t sound mean. People will think you’re a cruel person and makes lies to get things you want.

  24. Yes chackie
    If you change your words, you can change EVERYONE’s world!!!! If you want something really badly, you will work for it hard enough and receive.

  25. The power of words
    People started giving him money because that girl changed the words of the sign and gave it a better meaning, which people were thinking about. I think that the power of words and what you choose to say or write can have an impact on lots of people. Say nice things to people and good things will happen, and people will be nicer.

  26. Power of Words
    Words mean a lot to people because they make them think about things differently with different words. In the video only a few people gave money to the blind man at first but after the woman changed the sign people gave him lots of money because they thought about what it would be like to be blind. Words are very powerful and change the perspective of people often.

  27. The Power of Words
    In this video they showed a blind man sitting on the ground with a sign saying I’m blind please help. A woman came by and rewrote his sign and he got more money than he had gotten before. Later she had come back and he asked what did u did to my sign she said she wrote the same but in different words the sigh said it’s a beautiful day but I can’t see it.
    The most important thing to me is my family. I like my family because they get me things there always there for me and we do a lot of things together. I used to live in New Brunswick I was 3 years old when we moved to high level we had a dog whose name was jasmine. We had to leave her in New Brunswick but a while after we moved my grandparents called and told us jasmine had died. Back then I didn’t know what was wrong but my mom was too sad so we were never allowed to get a dog but know we have one. Family is the most important thing to me and I would never hurt them because they are my family.

  28. The Power of Words
    There are so many things that are important in everyone’s life. This video has made an impact on me because this blind man really was in need of some money, but no one was really trying to help him, then a lady passed by him, stopped and wrote something new on his sign. It used to say “I’m blind, please help”. The lady changed this to “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.” This really moved me to notice that the simplest way of saying things can be changed to be so much more helpful. People started pouring money on the ground for him just because the sign was changed. The real question is “What really is important to me?” I would say that my family is very important to me. Education is very important and my basic needs. My family has helped me through things that are hard to understand. My education helps me learn the importance of learning and studying. My basic needs oxygen, suitable living conditions, energy, food and water are what I need to live and helps me through harsh conditions. People all over the world are in need of help from all sorts of different causes like types of cancer, wars, surgery, and so much more. If we would all approach differently to things we are in need of we would all be much happier and less in need of things we so desperately need. The power of words is so powerful and we should use this power to help us. I love my family, education, basic needs and all the really important things that help me in life.

  29. The Power of Words

    The video showed a blind man with a sign saying I’m blind please help. As the day went by only two people gave him donations but the donations where tiny. As a woman went by she stopped looked at his donations and changed the sign. Soon everybody going by was giving him heaping’s of money. When she came back he asked what had she done she replied “I wrote the same thing but in different words”. As the video ended the sign was shown saying it’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it. This video has prompted me to write about important thing to me.
    The thing most important to me is my money. With money you can buy the most wondrous things like books, educations and video games. They say money can’t buy happiness but I believe there wrong. Money does buy a certain amount of happiness like amusement parks and water parks; money buys food and all five of your natural needs. With money I can buy gifts for my family and support charities like Ronald McDonald house and the cancer fund. I like money because it opens doorways to other places like any university and wonderful untamed lands like the safari of Africa. With money I can fund the restoration of the wilds and help stop global warming. With money I can restore the world to its formal glory for generations to come. And that is why I treasure money.

  30. The Power of Words
    People have a HUGE impact on our words. What IS important me? There are probably thousands of things that are very important to me, but what is really important?
    I would say that my family, education, basic need are the most important things to me right now. People all have very different problems. Blind people, deaf, mute, cripples, and autistic and disabled children. Diabetes, cancer, brain tumors, and everything else. If I was subjected to living on the streets, and I had been taken away from my family, with a brain tumor, how would I put it? Probably the most direct sign would be “Please help. Need money for surgery”. What if there was a different way to put it that made people think about life? I suppose that a different approach would be more subtle. If you were to try a different way, and say “What if YOU had no money for a surgery, to go and see you family”? The most important thing to me now would be my family, so what if they were taken away from me, and I had no way of seeing them?
    I would die of starvation, loneliness, and everything a family can give, but I couldn’t have. My parents are the most wonderful parents anyone could have. They help me study, bake, practice piano, feed me meals, have stuff for me to do when I’m bored, and everything else. I love my family! :

  31. I think that that video is awesome. The Girl show to the blind guy that. Changing your word can change your world then the blind say thanks to the girl because of changing he’s word. Because of changing the word the blind guy earn more money.

  32. I think that that video was informing of how much words can make a difference. When she changed the sign and people gave him a lot more money, I wondered what in the world she wrote. When I saw what she wrote on that sign it was a lot sadder than what he had on before. So I under stood what the power of words can do.

  33. The Power of Words
    Everyone has different problems because some can’t hear, can’t speak or can’t see.
    My family is the most important people in my life. My family has some problems like their blood sugar and heart problems. You can see my family as weird, funny, and smart. My family is caring and very nice to people who are homeless and to people who have problems. My family is very important to my life.
    If you see somebody that is homeless and has no money but is trying to get money, you should give them at least 5 dollars because in a few days….. there will be one person gone in the world. “If you were homeless and needed money for food and water and no one gave you money would you like it?” You should give people a few change because maybe the next day we would lose 1 more person in the world……

  34. The Power of words.
    Something that is very important to me is my friends and family. If my family didn’t exist then who would I be? I wouldn’t even be here. My friends accept me for who I am, not for someone I’m not. I really care about my family and my friends because I can actually be myself around them and they don’t judge me for that. People care about me and I care about them.

  35. The Power of Words

    Something that is important to me is orthodontists and dentists. I have messed up teeth and a huge overbite. Some people say I have “fangs too”. They can fix my teeth, by getting me braces, and other appliances to straighten my teeth. This gives me a normal bite, not a horrible overbite. The people working for these two jobs don’t just help make my teeth straight, they encourage me to brush my teeth so now I have a way whiter smile than before too. The orthodontists and dentists are awesome. I really want straight white teeth, not crooked yellow teeth. These are the reasons that I absolutely love and care about dentists, and why they are very important to me too

  36. The power of words

    The power of words can be helpful because on the movie nobody was giving the guy only a little bit of coins and when the woman changed the words more and more people were giving him more money than he told the girl what did you do to my sign she said she just changed the words.

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