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  1. After watching that video, it made me feel really good inside. It gave me a good kind of goose bumps. That video of Chaplain saying his speech about freedom and not worrying about what color your skin is, was very inspirational and heartwarming. People can be inspired my role models they are the ones that help shape our life and world. They show that it’s okay to be you. When Chaplain was talking about helping others in need, that is what us humans, leaders should be doing instead of letting other people suffer, we should be holding each other’s when in need and having each other’s back! Some people are so shallow that they would even stoop so low by being racist and judgemental, I think sometimes and wonder what have we minorities done to those people that they have to treat us like that, we are humans too we eat, talk we do all the functioning that a human can do. My peers and I could change this by showing, sympathy for others, helping each other in need, and having someone to lean on when they are not strong. Us humans need to come together and don’t worry about how a person looks. I’ll be waiting for that day to come.

  2. alot of things could inspire us like a trip to some place like the bahammas or new mexico or england but nowa days its either the things around us like the forest or a butterfly or even a bird Little things or friends and family the really bring a inspiration in our lives.

  3. alot of things in the world can inspire us. a big one is your peers. the choices you make can and will be affected by the people around you. some peers may or may not inspire you.in my community i get inspired by the little town and all the heart it has.

  4. Inspiration
    I can inspire others by being a positive role model. I can pick up the litter from people that just don’t care. I could give money to the homeless and less fortunate. I hope I can be a leader that people respect and honor occasionally.

  5. Anyone can be inspired by the people around them, or objects that surround them. Most people are inspired to do things by their peers, like me for example. They usually follow their role model, and that could be anyone, ranging from their parents, to maybe even Oprah or Katy Perry. We can all be role models to people and not know it, so you should always try to set good examples for people around you. You could also be a leader by joining some group, like student council. By joining, you help others, and although it might not be directly, you still are helping problems around your school. Taking responsibility for things and being honest can also help you become a leader and same with anyone else. You should also speak your mind, and be able to stand up for yourself with courage. By being a leader, you can help someone who needs someone to follow.

  6. After watching this video I have interpreted that my peers and I can be leaders in our life by questioning what happens, what we do, or as some would say, “the norm”. If we just live our lives following what is expected, then we can never do anything different, or something that might better things. We can’t ignore the problems that occur in our everyday lives anymore. People need to stand up, take action, and do what is right. Even a simple food drive or raising money for the homeless can benefit society. Simple things that we can all take action on could make a bigger difference than you may think.

  7. Anyone can stand up for their beliefs, but the way they act is affected by the world around them. Because the world is evolving and new technology is being created. Therefore humanity is ruined by greed. Usually it’s our role models who change our look on the world. They range from someone very close in our family to someone very famous like Carly Ray Jepsen. We can all be role models in our own way. We can help by standing up to the bullies in our community or helping people when they are down. We should all be grateful that we don’t have someone telling us what to do and that we can think for ourselves. We shouldn’t be hiding in the shadows of someone else, we should be helping. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Anyone who helps or does something positive will make an impact on the world. It might just give someone the courage to help someone else.

  8. i think we can all help out one thing at a time. like a bottle drive then sponser the money to the salvation army.

  9. I can be a leader by making a sport team with my friends and since I made it I would be the leader. I would plan the events,and when they would be. It could be awsome and agreed on or it will fail and no one will have the time. Thats how I could be a leader in one way.

  10. i think that the video is very inpirational and i think if alot of people watched this it could change everyone around the world, and people will respect more one another more better. Charlie Chaplin is really good in that speech

  11. We can all become great leaders and inspire millions around the world. All we have to do is make peace and stop the wars. You don’t have to do it on a mass scale; all you have to do is donate money to a world peace organization or rally for peace. This may not seem like much but it helps much more than anyone would ever believe. What is the point of war, we are basically just sending our great men and woman to kill others and possibly die. We could become great leaders in our own life just by going our own way and doing what we want or helping others to do what they want. Freedom is a great thing that is available for everyone in our democracy here in Canada. In other places people aren’t so lucky in places where there are dictators or other unfair governments. We just have to choose our path, if we want to help others, or hurt others.

  12. Inspiration
    I can become a leader by getting involved with younger kids than me such as babysitting, coaching them figure skating. I think some kids already look up to me when I coach them figure skating. A way I can become a leader is with my siblings they could think of you as the leader when your parents aren’t around. A way I can become a leader in my house is to be responsible so your parents trust you and let you have more privileges, so your friends can look up to you because you can do more things with them or it will make them be more responsible because they want what you might have.

  13. Inspiration
    Inspiration is where you have been inspired from what you seen or heard and you want to make a difference. It’s sad how most people with a lot of money can barely spare a penny to the poor. When the poor get money they usually buy and share with others. People are greedy now days wanting brand name shoes, sweaters, shirts and pants. When some people can barely afford one outfit. That speech really touched me I’m going to start helping others who need help.

  14. The video inspired me to over throw the Prime Minister of Canada and free the people and home the homeless. And feed the hungry and shelter the animals if we only had no Prime Minister of Canada the world would be free if only

  15. This video inspired me to help people that are poor, to make people free, and making people not think about suicide. Me and my friends would make clothing drives and food banks for the poor. Me and friends will be leaders by making groups like “donate money for humans society” or “dontae clothes and food for poor people”. Well i really got nothing else to say so have a nice day.

  16. Inspiration
    My class mates and I could help the community by cleaning up garbage. Also we can help people, erase graffiti, volunteering our time to parks such as cutting grass and planting trees

  17. The Greatest Speech Ever Made
    Written by: Faith Wolfe
    The greatest speech ever made was an inspiration to me. It taught me that anyone can be a leader. What it says screeches the truth of us. We deserve freedom, we deserve peace, no one can tell you how to feel or what to do. We are not machines. We have our own minds, we need to use them, no one can tell you to hate humanity, no one could tell you to put a gun to an innocent humans head and shoot. God didn’t make the earth this way, he didn’t lead us to war, fate didn’t kill an innocent child, destiny didn’t help men to become horrific monsters. We did. We had the power to change earth in the first place, when the first war started we had the power to change our ways, some brave man could of said ‘No I refuse to fight one of my people just because we had a few problems, I will put down my gun I hopes you do the same. We all have families why risk the chance of losing them?’ but no one did, and so in many Parts of the world we are at risk. Children are starving, men are dying, crimes are being commenced and slowly we are being destroyed. We have one last chance; we can build up the world again, start a new and be a special home where we live in peace and harmony. If my friends and I could we would help fight against hunger, put all wars to a stop, reason with all the dictators in the world and stop us from destroying each other. In meander some families don’t have any food accept for noodles for the holidays. So every year my family and I help the member of the Meander River community to eat and be happy. I wish the world would be a place of peace, a goal many tried to succeed at but failed. The choice is in our hands we can stop this madness and live a happy, rich, full life or we can continue, and perish and fight until there is nothing but the ruins and memories of our selfish mistakes. So please help change the world for the better. Thank you.

  18. I think we all can change our community by telling everyone to stop littering and leaving broken beer bottles where someone can step on them. Telling teenagers to stop smoking, doing drugs, drinking and partying they should get their lives together because that makes this town look bad when other people hear about it they tell people from different town and it spreads around.

  19. There are lots of ways we can all be leaders, adults can be leaders in democracy or by just setting good examples for kids. Kids can be leaders by joining school clubs or by doing good things, and then people will follow. Leaders do good things, but you should not follow someone and do everything they do. You should try and be your own person and be yourself and not act like anybody else.

  20. I think we can all be leaders if we just be ourselves. We are all humans and we all make mistakes, leaders are people who stick out and help everybody. Even the little stuff leaders do help us, like they are against bullying and they put out positive messages to people. Not everybody is a leader, but we can all try to help out.

  21. Hi there 7B, hope you are all doing well.
    Please give specific examples of the things that you can do to be a leader in your life.

  22. We can become leaders and change many things. Like world hunger, slavery, dictator ships. But those things are hard to accomplish but what you can make smaller things to. like stop a bully or get a school club for something you and others want to do. There are many things that you can do if you stand up to people or be a leader. So you should try being a leader to.

  23. Being a Leader
    Anyone in our world can be a leader when they are young or old. You and your family and friends can be leaders together. Leaders can be anyone and this inspirational speech helped me to understand that anyone can be. Children can be leaders at a young age at school like running for the student council (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer). Kids have to stand up for yourself and you can’t make someone do something you don’t want to. When you are older you can go into politics and the government by running for a position. People in our world fight for the freedom of other countries, the government take the soldiers away from family to go fight for other countries; people starve every day, going without clean water, harsh conditions that people live in. We should really help lead the world in the right direction with the strength we have. Let’s help the world.

  24. I think we change our community by giving all the homeless people homes. When people are selling drug and when they get caught they should go to jail. If minors are smoking the cop should ask if they have id.

  25. I think we all can be leaders if we try to be good and help people. If we help clean our town by cleaning the garbage up and get more bylaw officers in the town. So we can get all the drugs dealers caught so kids don’t get in to that stuff. Our town is pretty good like I mean there’s like not very much drugs dealers. But theirs is a lot of homeless people that live on the streets and some of them are kids and that’s pretty sad. There is a lot of vandalism in our town.

  26. Inspiration
    I can become a leader by helping the poor family giving them food and money to start there business like farming, and fishing. To be kind as well, if you’re not kind in you’re people your people will hate you. Like Charlie Chaplin say “fight for democracy lets all unite” fight for democracy and freedom for the sake of human beings.

  27. Inspiration
    I can become a leader by stepping up from the darkness and into the light. I can be a leader by being kind and helping others to be kind as well. I can become a leader in my life by helping other kids get good marks and a jump start on life. A leader must not be afraid of power but must know when they are overpowered. Although most leaders you see use force, I believe the pen is mightier than the sword. I have the possibility of becoming a leader in my world by using the fullest of my life for the good of society.

  28. Inspiration
    I can become a leader by doing the right thing by not lying being, mean and for me I would want to get good marks. I can become a leader in my life by doing good things in my life helping others is the right thing to do so I would help people who need help I would do great things and try not to do the wrong things. To be a leader you have to believe. Believe in the world and believe in yourself.

  29. Being a Leader
    Being a leader means many things. You should be leading whatever you are properly, and have good ideas. Listen to others suggestions, and also think of different ways of seeing things. I am in Friends of Rachel, or Rachel’s Challenge, and the main idea is to change the world, to make it a better place. We go around trying to talk to people about how they can help. I love doing that because then it shows you how much everyone can do to help, no matter how big or little the part. I think that if everyone in town help out, that we could actually get somewhere. We could raise awareness, and go on trips like we day to show people that you CAN make a difference. I and my friends could raise money, using bake sales, lemonade stands, bottle drives, etc. As for adults, I’m not sure. Maybe they could help all the kids, but also talk to all their friends to see if any of them could sponsor or fundraise with us or for us. All of my friends could help, and everyone COULD change the world, to make it a better place.

  30. Inspiration
    I can become a leader by believing. I can be inspired by anything. Inspiration could mean a lot of things like I want to write a book when I’m 17, or I want to be a dentist when I’m 24. Inspiration is when someone or something makes you want to do that when you’re older or even now. Inspiration could come from anywhere. No one can’t make you have inspiration, you get it on your own.

  31. Being a Leader
    There are lots of ways that anyone young or old can be a leader. People and their friends can be leaders together too. My friends can be leaders in lots of different ways. If you are older you can be a leader in democracy in government, or in the job/work field, they could be leaders like bosses or really important parts like that. Kids can be leaders in school for the school council (treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president). They can be leaders of fan clubs for stars, singers, or series of movies or books. You could be leaders of a church group/bible studies in your school too. So as you can see there are lots of ways that you can be a leader if you are young or old.

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